Castin & Blastin - Southern Illinois Style

Once again we set our sights on Southern Illinois for one of our spring destinations. The Rend Lake area is thick with wild turkeys and the crappie are usually jumping into our boats this time of year. My posse consisted of my son Kyle (who already killed a nice tom during the youth season), and two good buddies Kurt Kowalczyk and Christian Turvey.

We hooked up with my Southern Illinois go-to guy Jason Johns with Boneyard Outfitters. Once we settled in at the Seasons Resort, we wasted no time getting on the water. Fishing with our buddy Nick Schaefer, we boated about 200 crappie in about 3 hours. Not a bad start.

Friday morning brought forth the opening day of the 3rd Illinois Spring Turkey Season. Having already called in some toms for my son, it was my turn. Clear skies, a slight breeze and temps in the mid 40′s, the stage was set. We set up on some birds where Jason had located them the night before. But by the time we got close, the birds were already on the ground. As we approached a field edge, my son spotted a giant tom with a hen about 100 yards out. We quickly set up and started calling. Suddenly, a gobbled thundered from behind us and we were in between two set of birds (a great place to be). I quickly jumped up, changed my position against another tree facing the bird that just gobbled. I let out a few more yelps and was answered by 2 gobbles- they were coming in!  From across the timber, a distant “boooooooom” broke the early morning silence  (that was Kurt dropping a nice tom). But that didn’t stop the birds from coming. With my gun already in shooting position, I saw the first tom strut into view about 35 yards away, all fanned out. I gave a few clucks and as he lifted his blue head up to look around, I sent of swarm of Duplex Hevi-Shot at it and it was all over— two thunderchickens down by 6:33 am.

A low pressure system moved in that afternoon. . .   To get the rest of the story, CLICK HERE!

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