Fishing report from Southern Illinois

Ron DaRosa from southern Illinois sent in a fishing report n Cedar Lake.  Fishing is getting good all over.  Don’t let today’s early morning temperatures that are in the 30’s scare you.  It will warm up again soon.  Here’s Ron’s report

Spent this Sunday in Gods Country, Cedar Lake to be exact.   With the warm spring mother nature is trying to catch up to the weather.

Fish are scattered all over the lake with several patterns working.  

Today I caught 27 bass from main lake banks to back in the creeks.  I had 3 fish over 18 inches and they came from the creek.  Jigs produced the best 2 fish, and traps and spinnerbaits filled out the rest.

Main lake water temps running 62 to 63. A few fish I think are starting to spawn but most have not yet. I get the impression fish are waiting on the upcoming full moon, also they just have not had enough time to develop their eggs to the point of dropping them regardless of water temps.

Hogans been cleaning some crappie from Cedar and reports eggs still intact. I anticipate the nite thing getting going with this full moon and have already caught a couple after dark.  Brother Ryan coming down next week….. we might destroy them !           Ron DaRosa

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