Silver Cross opening soon but can they remove a hook?

Today was the open house at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox.

So I say to myself, self… I am impressed with this high-tech grand spanking new hospital that’s short ride across a corn field from my home.  Wait… I have a fishing and outdoor blog.  So how do I make this fit?  I ask, Can they Remove a Hook?

I know this is a stretch but there had to be thousands of people who got a tour there today.  I took a few photos to share.

This hospital is impressive.  All rooms are private rooms as I saw it.  Each as I was told is the same as all with comfortable chairs for visitors, a couch that will allow someone to take a nap if they are there late visiting, a good sized bathroom with walk in shower… no steps or tub, all of the electronic hook ups, and a big flat screen TV.  Will they be able to get my TV show on Saturday mornings?

I got to see the operating rooms, ICU, the birthing center and more.  Very very nice.  I’m really feeling comfortable now having that so close to my house.

One thing that I saw was their state-of-the-art robotic operating room.  They have a Davinci  (sp) robot that is use for super fine operations.  Maybe that is what can be used to easily remove that fishing hook from a thumb.  Check out the photo, its the spider like looking thing.  Bet that cost a couple bucks.

Oh well, just wanted to share some photos of my Sunday morning tour of Silver Cross’s new hospital that will open up on Feb 26.

By the way,On Sunday, the 26th,  stay clear of Rt. 6 as they will be running patients from the old hospital in Joliet (Rt. 6 and Walnut, to the new hospital at Rt. 6 and I-355.  Give em room.  They’ll be running from 7 am on.  They figure it will take 10 to 12 hours to move everyone.


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