Used muskie gear going up for auction at Muskies Inc. meeting

Heres a note received from Duane Landmeier, President of the Quad County Hawg Hunters Chapter of Muskies Inc. regarding their up coming December 8 meeting.  An auction will be held… and for a good cause.  By reading the list of items below, I see that there are some really nice items and being that this is an auction, you may possibly be able to fill your tackle box at a fraction of the actual cost.

Hello Everyone,

If you received this you either know me or have attended one of our clubs functions over the year or you may know someone that would like to come to our event. Please pass the word on about this special event.

Here  (BELOW)  is a the attached list of the items that we will be auctioning off at our regular meeting on December 8.  All proceeds will be going to Morgan Kiefer the daughter of Scott Kiefer (member of our club who passed away in hunting accident a few years back) and niece of Dan Kiefer (member of our club who passed away a few months ago).  

The tackle that is being auctioned off was owned by Dan.   Morgan`s grandmother Leah Kiefer asked me if I had any idea of what to do with the items so I recommended that we make some money on the items and give the money to her granddaughter.  Which is a nice gesture on our part.
It should be a great time.   Tell your friends.

Thanks, Duane Landmeier
Quad County Hawg Hunters
Chapter of Muskies Inc.

We will begin immediately following the regular meeting business around 8:00 pm.

Plano American Legion
510 E. Dearborn St.
Plano, Il 60520

One block South of Route 34 (Ogden Avenue) on the far East end of Dearborn St.

Auction Items

20      Bulldawg Lures Various sizes
20     White Bulldawgs (assorted sizes)
2    Burt Jerk baits
2     Pig Jerk baits
1    Manta Jerk bait
1          9” Suick Jerk bait
2    Wades Wobbler Jerk baits
1     Magic Maker Jerk bait
3    Believer Crank baits (various Sizes)
1    Wiley Crank bait
1    Big Ernie Crank bait
1    Lindy Shadling Crank bait
6    Rapala Crank baits (slim type)
6    Jake Crank baits (6 Inch)
8    Bucher Shallow Raiders
10     Crane Crank baits (assorted sizes)
2    Jug head Crank baits
2     Lungen Lures Crank baits
1    Jointed Depth raider Crank bait
1    Jointed Stalker Crank bait
7    Assorted Muskie Sized Spinnerbaits
1    Salmo Pike Crank bait
1    Rapala X-Rap Crank bait
1    Killer Eel
1    Hawg Wobbler
4    Giant Jackpot Surface Baits
2    Rough Runner Surface Baits
2    Lelure Water Thumper Surface Baits
1    Chopper Surface Bait
30    Bucktails (various sizes new and used)
19    Rapalas, Husky Jerk type lures
2    Suick Jerk baits 6 inch
9    Grandma Crank baits 7.5”
1    Slammer 7”
2    Grandmas 5”
6    Boogerman Type Buzzbaits
1    Shallow Invader Crank bait
1    Twitch bait (type unknown)
1    Hook Cutter
1    Long nose Pliers
1    Knife
3    Spinning Reels
1    Various Hook Packages
1    Spiderwire70 yards 100 Pound Test
2    6500C Garcia Reels
1    Dry Box
10     Clear Plano Boxes
5    Old Fashioned Fishing Lures
1    Old Bronson Mercury Fishing Reel
1    Old Shakespeare Direct Drive 1924 Reel
1    Stren 30 Pound Sonic Braid 150 yards
1    Camouflage Lunch Cooler Bag
1    Igloo    Maxcold Blue /Silver Lunch Cooler Bag
1    Small Plano Tackle Box
2    Zara Spook Top Water
8    Jitterbug Surface Baits
3    Bass Buzzbaits
8    Plastic Worms
10    Various Walleye Crank baits
1    Hawg Wobbler Surface Bait (small)
2    Cisco Diver Crank baits (small)
35    Daredevil Spoons Various Colors and sizes new and used
6     Rattletrap Crank baits
6    Rapala Floating Crank baits
40    Rapala, Rebel and Bagley type crank baits
50    Mepps and Mepps type spinners sizes #0 to #5
1    Clear Plano Box FULL of walleye jigs, hooks and sinker and such
1    Shakespeare Ugly Stick 6’ Bait cast w/ Zebco 33 Reel
1    Zebco 202 Rod and Reel Combo
1    Zebco Bait cast 5’ Rod
1    Shakespeare Barbie Fishing Combo
1    Zebco Rhino Bait cast 5’6” Med/Light Action Rod
1    Abu Garcia Abumatic 275V Spin Cast Reel
1    Zebco 606 Spin Cast Rod and Reel Combo
1    Older Berkley Cherry wood 6’6’ Bait casting Rod
1    Zebco Spin cast 20/20 Reel
1    Frabil Power Catch Muskie Net Like New
1    St. Croix 7’ Med/Heavy w/Garcia 6500C3 Reel
1    Shimano 7’2” Compre Bait cast Heavy w/ Garcia 6500C3 Reel
1    Shimano Bait cast 7’ Med/Heavy w/6500C3 Reel
1    Berkley IM7 6’4” Heavy w/Garcia 6500C3 Reel
1    Shimano 7’ Trolling Rod w/Shakespeare Tidewater Trolling Reel
1    St. Croix Legend 7’9” @Daiwa Luna 300 HOT SETUP
1    St. Croix Heavy Action 6’9” (NEEDS NEW Tip Guide)
4      Pairs of Boots Size 8-10
1    Lakewood Muskie Box Approximately 24” x 12”

This is an auction that is raising money for a young lady friend of the club that lost her father a few years ago and her uncle a few months ago. She lives with her mother which can be tough with a single parent.
Her name is Morgan Kiefer she is from the Oswego/Boulder Hill Area. The items were her uncles. Hopefully the money we raise can help her get through some college some day.

Please bring cash to the meeting to pay for items that you may purchase. Thank You.

The Auction will start immediately after the regular meeting business has ended.  Please feel free to come early to set up or check out the items that you may want to look over before bidding on. Many of the items are used and may need fixing. There is a lot of good stuff available though. Please check this before bidding on items.

Thank You, Quad County Hawg Hunters Chapter of Muskies Inc.

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