Boating classes offered in Chicago

Boating classes offered in Chicago

I want to share with you an email that I received today.  It’s from Bob Allen of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and is about safe boating classes.  Bob’s right, we have a lot of outdoor shows coming up and many of them sell boats.  The big one, The Chicago Boat, Sports and  RV Show is a little over a month away (Jan 12 to 16. 2012 at McCormick Place.).

At the boat show, many boats, large and small will be sold.  Many will be to first time boaters.  The classes that Bob talks about are so valuable to boaters regardless of their experience.  Read what Bob has to say and visit the USCG website at

Hey Don Dziedzina,      

Howdy!  The Chicago area is getting ready to hold some big boat shows.  A lot of new boaters will be taking to the water this spring.      

 My name is Bob Allen.  I am a volunteer with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  I work with some knowledgeable and experienced boaters to share boating know-how.    

 From a safety perspective, prevention is a special part of our duties.  If we can keep boaters out of danger, it saves taxpayers from having to finance expensive rescue operations.    

 From a boating fun perspective, being on the water is more fun when you learn what to expect.  Boaters who take a short class will leave the program with understanding and confidence.  It is fun to be a safe boater.      

Our group of Auxiliary volunteers has set up a computer link to help Illinois boaters find our safety programs.  The link is “” 

Not all of the classes are in Chicago, but it is a pretty easy link to remember.  The classes are spread around northern Illinois.  The teachers do not get paid, but they have the satisfaction of helping other boaters stay safe.      The colorful slides and hands-on “show-and-tell” are entertaining.
 Up-to-date powerpoint projections keep things interesting.  Our experienced sailors listen to questions and provide answers.  Although some online courses are now on computers, we are proud of our face-to-face classes.     

I enjoy skimming across a lake on my way to the best fishing spots.  I want others to have this kind of fun.  These classes help novice boaters overcome their doubts.  I hope your listeners check out “” so they can enjoy Illinois’ great outdoors. Best Wishes

Bob Allen Flotilla Vice Commander 39-08

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