Final Approach introduces new floating goose decoys

The waterfowl season is coming sooner than you think.  Now is the time to start getting ready.

One of the things we have to do is “get our ducks in a row”.  Well, for the goose hunters, it’s getting our goose decoys in a row.

It happens all the time where we find on our first hunt that some decoys are no longer serviceable.  To keep our spread as good as it was last season, we need to replace a few.  To enhance the spread, we’ll need to buy a half dozen or even a dozen more deeks.

Here’s an option for you.  I just got this press release and feel it’s worth sharing with you.

New Standard Size Floating Goose Decoys from Final Approach
Offer High Quality and Great Value

Overland Park, Kan. — Final Approach, a leading developer of waterfowl products and accessories, has introduced a new standard size floating goose decoy for waterfowl hunters who favor a large decoy waterfowl spread.

The new decoys – sold in six-pack sets – are available at a lower cost, making it possible to purchase them in larger quantities and cost-effectively supplement a spread. With intricately sculpted detail and life-like anatomy, the realism of Final Approach decoys is unmatched in the industry. The custom-quality paint schemes help deceive wary geese and provide long-lasting durability.

The floating goose decoy features a one-piece design and a weighted keel for a remarkably realistic presentation on the water.

­­­­­­­­­­­For more information about Final Approach and its complete line of waterfowl products and accessories, visit or call 1- 800-423-3537.

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