Day two with a guide in Southern Illinois

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Steve from New Lenox shows off a bass he caught while he fished with Southern Illnois Guide Ron DaRosa this past weekend. Quite a few bass were caught under tough conditions.

Ron DaRosa just finished up two day guide trip with a client from the Chicagoland Area.  Here’s what Ron had to say….

Spent the entire day on Cedar with Steve from New Lenox.

Steve is a great guy who is passionate about bass fishing as I am.  The weather cooled considerably from yesterday as main lake water temps dropped from 50 to 47. 

Yesterday the jerkbait slowed down and rattletrap caught good fish in the back of coves. Today with the cooler weather those fish shut down.

Good friend Kevin Hogan was on the water today also and called us about noon to relay the jerkbait had resumed in the cooler weather. We dedicated ourselves to the jerkbait and ended up catching 23 hard earned bass ! 

No big ones today but being able to say we caught 20 plus fish was an accomplishment. Kevin did have a couple nice ones and he and Strat caught 27, so 50 bass between the 2 boats. A great weekend fishin spent with good company.   Ron DaRosa

This is what Steve had to say….

Thanks Don!

Please tell your readers if anyone is considering or have thought about using a guide service for Southern Illinois Bass, Ron Darosas is the man to call!!  There aren’t very many guides out there that will fish with you from dawn to dusk and teach you and allow to experience plenty of different methods of fishing the way Ron does!  You will step off his boat feeling like you just made a great friend.  Southern Illinois hospitality at its finest!     Steve

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