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I saw many of the new Lund Boats that came out on the market for 2011.  Very nice and boy it got me thinking that my 2006 boat is not that far off from replacement.  I feel the need to have a newer boat on the TV Show.  Now, after reading this press release from Lund, I really have some thinking to do.
Rebel with a Cause … Affordability and Attitude
Feature-rich Lund Rebel XL offers style, ‘fishability’ and the best value in boats for 2011
New York Mills, Minn. (2/15/11) – Remember the first time you stepped into a Lund Boat? It might have been a childhood memory up at the lake, perhaps vacationing at a family resort. The dock was lined with a fleet of those classic red vessels. You’d fished in other boats before, too. But this was different; this was a Lund. Somehow, on that memorable maiden voyage, just being in a Lund made it feel like the lake and fish were yours. You immediately sensed the “Lund Difference”–that undeniably “fishy” feeling that luck and legend were on your side.
A lot can change with the passage of time. What has endured, however, is the collective trust anglers still harbor for this tradition-rich brand of boats. Lund is the boat every angler worth his or her salt aspires to own. And that hasn’t changed since a walleye first flopped into the original Lund. But with a major boost in features, performance and value, the Lund Rebel XL is now the best fishing investment a budget-minded angler can buy. A new legacy begins …

“This rig goes way beyond your grandpa’s Lund with the bench seats and a 9-horse,” says Lund Professional Angler Tony Roach. “The new Rebel XLs are completely tricked out. Aerated livewells like swimming pools, cavernous under-floor storage, enough space for 7-foot rods and a spacious casting deck –the 1625 XL is jam packed with features.”
Sweet indeed, the Rebel 1625 XL offers affordable big boat features and performance at an introductory level price. It’s the ideal starter boat for a young family, as well as the savvy angler who wants the best for less. And because all Rebel XLs are engineered with Lund’s exclusive Integrated Power Strake™ (IPS) hull, the craft can handle choppy and big waters while keeping its passengers dry and comfortable.
The Rebel XL brims with advanced engineering features: a wide 84-inch beam and 71-inch chine width yield maximum stability and fishing space; a 23-1/2-inch cockpit depth offers greater safety for the entire family. A built-in 19-gallon fuel tank keeps you running for the long haul on Lund’s sleek, fuel-efficient V-hull. Patented Sport Trak™ gunwales allow for the easy addition of rod holders and other accessories without drilling holes, while the ProTrak™ Boat Covering System safeguards the boat’s interior and your gear with its custom fit. And with optional aft flip-up seating, you can extend the rear casting deck, making the Rebel 1625 XL fish even that much bigger.

“One of the coolest things about the Rebel XL is that I can launch it into small remote lakes where I’ve got the water to myself,” says Roach. “I frequent a few little hidden gems, where no one else even thinks about launching a boat. The 1625 lets me sneak me in, but once on the water, I get that spacious, feature-filled feeling again.”

And now, for a limited time, Lund’s SPRING CATCH program gives you an opportunity to launch a new Rebel 1625 XL SS for as low as $14,985, plus a cash rebate of up to $1,000, even a third seat and the custom travel cover. That’s a new Lund boat, trailer, 50hp 4-stroke Mercury Marine engine, as well as Humminbird and Motor Guide electronics package–all for a tantalizingly low price. Throw in genuine Lund quality and engineering, backed by the best lifetime warranty in the industry, and your boat buying decision just got easier.
And if that weren’t enough, here are some more features: Lund quality and craftsmanship and more fish in the livewell. All for a lot less money than you’d expect.
Shop Lund’s full fishing fleet, as well as other members of the Rebel XL family at www.lundboats.com.
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