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This is a neat little product, very inexpensive and it’s worth it’s weight in gold.  Sometimes when I go fishing I’ll be in the middle of a lake and get caught in a rainstorm.  I wade the creeks on occasion and although I’ve been lucky, friends of mine have dropped their cell phone in the water. The water we wade is less than a couple of feet deep, but none the less, their phones were distroyed by the water instantly.  

I like the fact that these new RingerWraps can be put over just about any kind of cell phone and do not render them inoperable.  Wrap them up and you can still still hear the ringer, you can still talk on the phone with no distortion, and texting is no problem at all.   Here’s a press release that I found on the Ringer Wraps…

Cleverwraps® Announces RingerWraps® for Mobile Phones

Clear, disposable sleeves protect mobile phones from life’s mishaps

(SAN DIEGO.- Nov. 16, 2010) – CleverWraps (, creators of disposable protection for electronic devices, announces the availability of RingerWraps®–the first disposable, protective sleeves for mobile phones. RingerWraps® are designed to save electronics from incidental contact with harmful elements like water, sand, and other corrosive elements. The optimally clear, lightweight, protective material and precise fit ensure that devices remain fully-functional – including keyboard, voice calls and Bluetooth®.

Available in three size variants, RingerWraps for mobile phones are made of high-grade poly and feature a zip closure and re-sealable tape for double protection and a custom fit. Small RingerWraps are designed to fit iPhone®, Blackberry®, and all other bar style phones, while the medium and large sizes are compatible with vertical and horizontal flip and slide phones. 

RingerWraps protect mobile phones from moisture in even the most extreme environments, can withstand quick submersion in water and are 100 percent recyclable. “Millions of mobile phones are water damaged every year and most of these situations could have been prevented with the right device protection,” said Karen McElaney,Co-Founder of CleverWraps. “RingerWraps provide the only disposable solution to protecting your phone for those ‘just in case’ moments.”

Each package contains five sleeves,priced at $9.99 for Small, Medium, or Large sizes. RingerWraps® by CleverWraps® are available for purchase now at where additional sleeves for eReaders and Tablets will be unveiled in December. 

About CleverWraps®
Affordable, custom fit, disposable protection for personal electronic devices like mobile phones, electronic readers, and tablet pc’s; all susceptible to damage when subjected to water, sand, snow , rain, perspiration, grease and other damaging elements. All devices are completely functional while protected by CleverWraps. For more information or to purchase, visit


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