Little Grassy Lake gives up some nice bass

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I received this email from Ron DaRosa of RD Outdoors.  Ron guides for bass on small lakes in southern Illinois.  The theory of getting big fish from big lakes only holds no water here.

Little Grassy is just one of the lakes that Ron guides on and you might want to give him a call if you want to learn about some of Southern Illinois’ best kept secrets.

Here’s Ron’s email and a few photos.


Well today was one of those days…. one that will spoil a person. Gibby and I headed out to Little Grassy after a long week in the office. Weather today was marginal but not bad for February. Temps were mid 40’s with a south breeze about 10. Water temp still about 43 degrees.

I started the day with a 6 pound 6oz beauty on a deep jerkbait on a mainlake point. The first couple hours were slow as this was the only fish we had. We made a short run to mid lake and the beginnings of some water color(we have had some rain).

We fished 2 south facing coves in which the water temp was about 1 degree warmer. Gibby proceeds to roll a 6.8 on a red rattle trap. In the next cove Gibby swats a 4.4 on a jerkbait and I add a 3.12. Mixed in between we had about 8 smaller fish. So at about 3 pm our best 4 are slightly over 20 lbs. Gibby had to leave as it is his anniversary today, I headed back the the second cove and added a 4.8 ! Also caught about 5 small fish. All told 18 bass and best 5 over 25 lbs !  NOT BAD FOR FEBRUARY!



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