Get a Dry Bag to keep your clothing dry

dry bag.jpg

Coghlan’s has come out with a lot of neat items for campers, boaters and thouse who enjoy the outdoors.  I for one have strong feelings about getting items that are not only practicle but also usefull, especially when that product protects your gear.

I have a boat and two kayaks.  There’s no doubt that at times things will get wet, especailly in the kayaks.  I like to keep some things dry, like an extra shirt, a sweatshirt, my wallet, towels and morethat I have in the boat .

Plastic bags just don’t cut it. They’re air tight and often results in clothing items geting moldy.  This doens’t happen with Coghlan’s Dry Bag.  They’re pretty neat and work great. 

The bags come in 3 sizes, 10, 25, and 55 liter sizes.  With a simple fold-over wraping closure, nothing in these bags get wet.  Check these items out at  Click on the Products button then select New Products for 2011.

Dry Bagsvv.jpg

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