A real hero saves man who falls through the ice

A real hero saves man who falls through the ice

A freind of mine, Jerry Bauer sent me a message today, telling me about an incident that occured while ice fishing today.  Jerry is a true hero.   Let me share his story with you in his own words….

Hey Don an ice fishing update: early and late ice dangers,i was in michigan yesturday with a friend and his wife at thier cabin on a lake.what turned out to be a beutiful day out almost turned tragic. we went out in the morning and checked ice thickness several times so we could go ice fishing and found about 6-8 inches so we went out for about 6 hours on the way back in around3 about 150 feet away from shore my friend all 6 foot 3 and 245 pounds fell through the ice in around 10 feet of water . 

when i heard him go through i put everything thing down and made my way towards him .(ice was very slick ) thank god i had my ice cleets on ,so as i approached him very carefully the ice broke under me,somehow as i was going down i jumped and rolled onto the ice.(had fallin upto my chest)

before going all the way in. i told him to hang on and ran back to shore to get his wife who called 911 and yelled to gat me a rope ,first thing she found was an extension cord so i grab it and ran back out(hoping he didnt go under) his wife came out with me in tears but had to take controol of situation and had go back for a ife preserver,i managed to get him the cord after several attempts and the life vest but was worn out from the fight and cold to put it on.i had to dig in with my cleets and try to pull but his clothes also added weight about 400 pounds altogether.

i tried so hard to get him out by myself but cuoldnt so i had his wife come by me and help pull but she kept slipping ,by this time one of my cleets broke and had only one on at this time he was in water aprox 10 minutes so i braced my foot with the one cleet and had her brace her feet against mine and we pulled so hard but managed to get him on ice so we pulled away from area about 30 feet and drug him to shore at which that time the police and ambulance arrived.

all in all we survived. but when i got to shore i fell to my hands and knees because i was so exhausted (never think any ice is safe)this sport is very dangerous .you never no what will happen and always never ice fish alone or if i wasnt with him he would of died that day”


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  • My name is Jim McNally, I'm the guy Jerry saved on Saturday afternoon, I will always be indebted to Jerry & my wife Louise for there quick and composed actions that afternoon, the bravery they both showed in risking there own lives to save mine was unparallel.
    I am 57 years old, been an outdoorsman my whole life, been ice fishing for over 40years, and that

  • sorry about the spelling of my words but i was so shaken up after that it was very hard t type

  • Jerry, Jim, I am glad that both of you are here to tell the story. Hopefully it will be an education to others to always fish with a friend, always use caution when on the ice and never assume that ice is safe. Bring along ice picks, a rope, a throwable flotation device and it won't hurt to wear a life preserver too.
    Thanks for sharing the story Jerry. Jim, you're right. A Brave friend and dedicated wife are good things to have when you need them.

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