A Diamond in the Rough

WOW, these surely look like some great new baits that need to be in the tackle box.  Check out this press release from Northland Tackle….
LIVE-FORAGE® WEEDLESS SPOON slithers through cover but can’t hide for long
Bemidji, Minn. – In nature, the critical goal of prey is to blend in, to hide from predators who seek to eat them. The intent of fishing lures on the other hand is exactly the opposite–to look and boldly swim like live prey, while fully exposing themselves to hungry gamefish. Remarkably, the new LIVE-FORAGE ® WEEDLESS SPOON does both – slipping, sliding and attempting to escape through the densest grass, brush and timber with a dangerously brave wobble and flash. Printed with real live baitfish imaging on one side, and stamped with the sparkle of precious metal on the other, this slick new lure doesn’t stay hidden for long . . . big bass, redfish and pike find it and snatch it like a diamond in the rough.
The LIVE-FORAGE® WEEDLESS SPOON belongs to Northland’s ReplicaSeries™ of minnow imitating baits–a totally weedless design that lures, triggers and extracts big bass, rowdy redfish and giant pike from heavy cover.
Stamped from solid brass, it features a premium Mustad® Ultra-Point™ hook, totally weedless plastic “Y” weed guard and an aerodynamic weedless design that wiggles, wobbles and flashes through the thickest matted cover. Like a live baitfish, the LIVE-FORAGE® WEEDLESS SPOON features a sparkling “holographic” FlashFoil™ body with LIVE-FORAGE® HD Fish-Photo-Image™ patterns to “match-the-hatch” and replicate a baitfish minnow to perfection.
“Winning bass tournaments often comes down to figuring out how to work the right lure through the heaviest cover–nasty stuff like thick pads, matted milfoil, wild rice and hydrilla,” says topnotch bass pro and TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff John Crane. “To catch the wariest old hawgs hiding in the grass, you’ve also got to fool ’em with a lure that looks like real food. This new LIVE-FORAGE® WEEDLESS SPOON is the perfect choice–just an awesome tool for swimming through heavy cover zones with ease. It’s the first spoon I’ve ever used that’s both totally weedless and completely lifelike. Add a Northland silicone Crazy-Legs Skirt or a Slurpies® Swim’n Grub for a really exciting swimming action. Tie one on and put this weedless wonder to work for you!”
LIVE-FORAGE® BAITS are the result of two years of intensive research, design, testing and the use of new Digital Imaging Technology. These technological advances have resulted in the groundbreaking new ReplicaSeries™ of lifelike, natural ‘high definition’ fishing lures. Featuring a premium totally weedless plastic “Y” weed guard and premium Mustad® Ultra-Point™ hook, the LIVE-FORAGE WEEDLESS SPOON is available in two sizes (1/2- and 3/4-ounce) and nine natural baitfish image color patterns, including Leopard Frog, Bluegill, Golden Shiner and Baby Bass.
For more information and a 2011 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN  56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at norfish@northlandtackle.com.  Website is www.northlandtackle.com.
LIVE-FORAGE WEEDLESS SPOONS Available Soon at Retailers Everywhere





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