Beaver Dam Duck Hunt 2011

I was lucky to experience some of the best duck hunting in the country.  I hunted with Mike and Lamar Boyd of the Beaver Dam Hunting Services.  They own a great portion of Beaver Lake located by Tunica Mississippi.

Imagine if you will hunting in an oxbow lake filled with cypress trees and having ducks flying over non stop from sun up to noon. Visualize yourself in a duck blind that is big, comfortable and so well camouflaged that ducks are not scared off even if there’s a half dozen hunters inside.  Place yourself in a hunting situation where limits of ducks are so common that you’ll be going home saying that you just experienced the ultimate DU hunt.

I have a number of photos here from a duck hunt that I shared with Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and sponsored by Avery Outdoors, Mississippi Tourism, Tunica Mississippi Tourism, Remington, and Beaver Dam Hunting Services.   Thanks to Tommy Akin of Akin Promotions this was one experience that will be hard to beat.  It was truly a trip where we were able to enjoy world class waterfowl hunting.

For more information on hunting Beaver Dam Lake, contact Beaver Dam Hunting Services through their website at or by giving them a call at 662-363-6388.

The Mississippi waterfowl season only lasts until January 30, 2011.

For tourism information, visit and

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