Trophy Buck taken west of Chicagoland.


I received an email from Achille Bruno who wanted to share a  breif hunting story and a photo of a tropy buck that he got here in norhtern Illinois.  Congratulations on the nice buck Archie!  Thanks for sharing your story with us.  That’s a beautiful 10 pointer.

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“My name is Achille Bruno, I live in New Lenox, my friends call me Archie. 

I got this deer on the second day of gun season here in IL. on public land at Des plains Conservation. I have harvested many  large mature bucks but this is the one.

I knew that a large buck was in the area by the signs he left but had no idea. 1st thing in the morning I had a yearling doe come out 30 yards away, passed on her not wanting to be made fun of.

Sat in the corner of a corn field and on the other side was a field of tall grass, about 5 foot tall, deer heaven. I started to rattle very hard smacking the tree next to me and scraping the ground to mock a fierce battle. Finally put down the horns and grabbed my gun.

About 3 minutes later he popped out of the thick, 148 yards away, looking mad as hell and looking for a fight. He turned and looked my way first then quartered away looking the other way, I knew he didn’t see what he was looking for and wasn’t going to stay long. I took the quartering away shot, he buckled and vanished. the whole thing took 5 seconds.

I marked in my mind where I last saw him, put all my stuff together, reloaded my gun and was on my way. When I got to the spot my stomach was sick, not a drop of blood. Took the closest trail and 50 yards later was my trophy. I stood in amazement. Bullet went in and hit the liver and one lung on his left side never exiting.

The best place in the world is here in IL. on public land, 100% free chase 100% hard work.”

Archie is right, Great Hunting is not that far away.

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