Hobie Cat line of kayaks are growing

I have two Hobie Pro Anglers.  They’re great for fishing and I love em.  My most recent trip with mine was at Shabbona Lake.  Shabbona has a 10 HP limit.  My tin boat has a 115 HP motor so all I can do is use the electric trolling motor there.   With my Pro Angler, I can run the whole lake with no problem at all.  I ahve the MarageDrive which makes it easy to pedal from place to place, quietly and quite effortlessly.  I’ll admit it, I do get some exercise using it.

I just learned that Hobi now has some new kayaks with the MirageDrive.  Here’s one of the press releases that you may find interesting….

“Hobie Cat® Presents Their Line-up of Patented MirageDrive™ Pedal Kayaks

Oceanside, California – November 2010 – Hobie Cat, one of the most recognizable names in the boating world, presents their collection of patented MirageDrive pedal kayaks including the new Hobie Mirage Oasis tandem model. Other boats in the line-up include the Hobie Mirage Adventure, Hobie Mirage Outback, Hobie Mirage Revolution®, Hobie Mirage Sport solo kayaks and the Hobie Mirage Outfitter tandem model. MirageDrive technology eliminates the stroke and introduces the step…and no gas is necessary. Kayakers can pedal, leaving hands virtually free to do other activities like fishing, bird watching, or taking photos. Each model can also be sailed, pedaled and/or paddled. All these Hobie kayaks are made in the U.S.A.

The defining feature on these kayaks is Hobie’s patented MirageDrive. Two self-centering padded pedals are connected to underwater flippers, much like penguin wings; and are locked and unlocked from the kayak with the Click and Go system. Kayakers will enjoy the fact that they can propel themselves faster using the pedals rather than a traditional paddle. Steering is controlled via new oversized fingertip steering handles on the left side. (The Mirage Oasis and Mirage Outfitter come with dual control MirageDrive steering systems from both seat positions for increased speed and fun.) The rudder can be rotated out of the way in very shallow water and for transport or storage. Rudder steering lines are made from Spectra, the world’s strongest fiber, up to 15 times stronger than quality steel of the same size. The combination of the MirageDrive rudder system and the hull design ensures a stable ride and enables pedalers to cover long distances with little or no fatigue, even against the current or in windy conditions. 

All models feature the patent-pending, Twist and Stow rudder that can be lifted and turned to lay flat on deck when not in use, whether in the water, on top of the car, or in storage. Patent-pending Twist and Seal hatches open and close effortlessly with a simple turn of the handle, are highly water resistant, feature a smooth surface, and hinge open so they cannot be lost.

The Hobie Mirage Adventure is a 16′ touring machine, the fastest solo kayak in the fleet and has the most legroom. Hobie predicts that this boat will win over even the “purist kayak” enthusiast with its combination of comfort, speed, stability, and looks. Stable and fast describe the Hobie Mirage Oasis. It offers performance-minded qualities such as quick acceleration and an impressive hull speed without sacrificing utility or hauling capacity. At 12′ 8″, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter offers a short, light, and stable ride for two and lets users share the kayak experience with another person while still functioning equally well with just one person. The extremely lightweight Hobie Mirage Sport is designed with a unique adjustable seat that accommodates a wide range of users from four-foot youths to six-foot adults. As the seat is moved forward, the pedals move backward, shortening the distance for smaller paddlers and vice versa for taller paddlers. For transporting, it fits easily in a truck or van. The Hobie Mirage Outback is a larger and faster alternative to the Sport that enables anglers, hunters, divers, or photographers to enjoy their hobby with fingertip control. The Hobie Mirage Revolution is a hybrid of the other single boats in the line offering a combination of speed, utility, and maneuverability.

Each Hobie kayak hull is constructed of recyclable and seamless, rotomolded polyethylene. All have closed-deck designs with self-draining scuppers that keep the cockpit seat dry. Deluxe padded seatbacks with lumbar support. Stainless padeyes and carrying handles on each end make transport easy from parking lot to beach or from a boat deck down to the water. A paddle can be used in conjunction with the pedals, or can be used independently. An optional speedometer lets paddlers know exactly what their speed is, rather than just speculating. Other features include two-piece paddles with on-hull storage, scupper plugs, cassette plugs for MirageDrive well, bungee tie-downs, and molded-in hull graphics.

And, of course, all the boats meet the National Marine Manufacturers Association certification requirements for flotation.

A complete collection of accessories including sail packages, live bait wells, ST Turbo Fins, dodgers, rod holders and much more can be viewed by going to www.hobiekayaks.com and clicking “Accessories”. “

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