Duck report on Day 2

DaRosa reports from Missouri on day two of duck hunting.  Looks like he’s having fun…  Check out the slide show…

Hey Buddy…..Rich Partak, Kevin Hogan  Pat Salomone and I had another great day of duck hunting in SE Missouri.  Todays hunt very much different from yesterdays….it was cold, low cloud cover and a strong westerly wind. 

By 2:00pm we had our limit of  of 24 ducks, 60 total for two days…not bad!  A nother mixed bag of mallards, sholvers, pintail, teal and wigeon.  These bird were decoying very well and most of our shots were under 25 yards. 

Heading home tomorrow after the morning hunt, nephew  Ron DaRosa will be joining us in the pit tomorrow.  Here are some pics of todays hunt.  Jim DaRosa, Jim DaRosa Outdoors

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