Shelbyville crappies and stripers...

From Steve Welch…

Don, This cold snap has really moved the crappie. I have been getting them deep last week then just like overnight they moved shallow. The bait has been shallow for three weeks so the crappie finally picked up on this.

Water temps fell almost ten degrees and we are finally on the crappie big time and the bite will continue to get better as we get into fall. I am getting fish from stumps and down trees in about 4-6 feet of water on corks and jigs. Starting my day with red and chartreuse and switching to light blue or white and chartreuse once the sun gets bright.

The white bass are still going nuts on big flats. Everyone is hitting them hard and tons of fish have come out of the lake this year. That is a good thing as they tend to over populate. I am using my 3/8oz. Candystripers and Blue Fox spinners.

I am using same baits for the walleye just fishing slightly different areas. They still are running with the white bass so you need to fish flats and stumps on points.

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