The August AuCoin Report

I just recevied the The AuCoin Report – August 2010…

News Briefs from the Great Outdoors

Wolves endangered? Then should feds pay?
If the feds are going to make game management decisions then the feds need to fund it. That’s the official position of Idaho fish and Game Commission since a federal judge returned gray wolves to the endangered species list. The judge’s ruling effectively eliminated revenue that Idaho generates from the sale of wolf tags to hunters. (Twin-Falls Times-News, via

Gulf shrimping resumes
With the capping of the Deepwater Horizon oil well commercial fishermen were given the green light to resume shrimping in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Laboratory tests on seafood have shown no hazards, but testing will continue to assure a high level of consumer confidence, according to Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (St. Petersburg Times)

Another Into the Wild victim?
Caire Jane Ackermann, 29, of Switzerland drowned crossing the treacherous Teklanika River near the old school bus where Christopher – Into the Wild — McCandless spent his last days. The man she was hiking with survived; he denied they were hiking to see the bus that figured prominently in the Jon Krakauer book and the movie based on it. (,

Wisconsin cougar sightings up
A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources official says his department is getting about a dozen unconfirmed cougar sightings a week in southern Wisconsin. Doug Fendry, a biologist and wildlife supervisor, said the thick tree growth, hilly areas and los of deer makes the habitat of the Rock River Valley good for mountain lions migrating from the Black Hills. (Janesville Gazette)

6,000 Hunters want 12,000 Florida Gators
Florida’s annual alligator season opened August 15 and continues through September 12. The Florida Fish and Wildlife department estimates the state’s gator population at 1.3 million. One official  describes it as “very healthy.”  For the 2010 season more than 6,000 alligator hunting permits were sold at $270 each for 130 hunting zones. Hunters are allowed to take two gators. (Miami Herald)

Just 14, Dutch girl to sail the globe
Laura Dekker, 14, has set out to sail around the world – solo – and become the youngest person to do so. Dekker’s plan is to sail solo from Portugal after a final-adjustments sail with her dad from Holland. (Epoch Times)

More scouts, more anglers
Boy Scouts of America and Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation signed an agreement to work together to expand both organizations. Scouting celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary this year. RBFF is a non-profit working to increase the numbers of fishing and boating enthusiasts. (Trade Only Today, RBFF)

ESPN selling BASS
ESPN said it would sell BASS LLC including Bassmaster magazine, a popular website, television programs, tournament trails and other assets to a group of investors. More than 500,000 bass anglers belong to the BASS membership organization. (ESPN)

Boat forecast flip-flop
A survey of 178 officials of boat and engine companies shows 76 percent had forecast sales growth in 2010 but now, since the Louisiana oil spill, 70 percent have revised sales projections downward. (Boating Industry Magazine)

Age 60 the new 40?
They say that age 60 is the new 40. There are just two problems with that. Aging eyes. The condition, known as presbyopia, drives purchases of so-called drug store readers. Drug store readers help if you’re reading inside. But when you go outside? Now is an answer for outdoor lovers. Ono’s Trading Company has rocked the optical industry with a functional, fashionable solution polarized sunglasses with low-profile bifocals. Read a book at the beach. Tie better fishing knots. Peruse the menu at an outdoor café. Visit or phone 1-866-865-4695. (Ono’s Trading Company)

Wisconsin enlists citizens in deer count
Wisconsin has launched Operation Deer Watch. For the first time, the Natural Resources Department wants residents and hunters to count the deer they see in August and September and submit their date and location sightings to the DNR’s website, (Wausau Daily Herald)

Women hunters increasing
A new survey by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) shows that women now make up 15 percent of the shooting, hunting and firearms market. Between 2001 and 2005 the number of women hunting jumped 75 percent. (Sports Afield)

Hottest angling tackle for 2011
American Sportfishing Association’s annual trade show – ICAST — brought 7,000 members of the trade to Las Vegas in July, prompting a prediction of positive sales in 2011. Major brands positioned themselves for a rebound with expanded product lines. Falcon, until now only a rod and accessories brand, previewed two ultra smooth spinning reels. Shimano American Corp. won the most awards including salutes for a new freshwater reel, Stella FE; a new saltwater reel, Trinidad A; a new saltwater rod, Terez; and a new-look lure, the sub-surface Waxwing Swimming Jig. G. Loomis took the Best of Show award for its new NRX fly rod series. (American Sportfishing Assn)

Skishing: fishing for swimmers
Fishing has a new saltwater fishing technique called skishing which is said to be gaining enthusiasts in the Northeast. Skishers don’t fish from a boat. They get in the water with their rod and reel wearing a wetsuit and flippers. The goal is to hook a big fish and get towed through the water. Traditional anglers frown on the technique but some manufacturers are responding to the need for equipment. (Wall Street Journal)

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