Some great fishing reports

I received a number of great fishing reports over the weekend and would like to share them with you.  In most cases, these reports come from guides.  If you want to learn about these waters, hiring them is money well spent.  Here are the reports…

From Steve Welch, Crappie Specialties

Hi Don,   Here is what I have been doing this week at Shelbyville. Water temps are still around 79-80 and very clear. The lake has finally reached normal summer pool as we have been high all summr. What this does is create a fantastic fishery. The bait is so plentiful that all the fish are fat and healthy. I have been cleaning about a thousand white bass a week since June. They slowed down some while the lake was dropping but we are back on them now, just in different locations. We are now using more traditional spots on the main lake. The lakes biggest flats that have wind blowing into them. We are fishing in about two-feet of water casting baits like the Blue Fox Vibrax spinner number three and the 1/4oz. Big Dude which is a blade bait similar to the sonar or cicada. Just cover water until you run into the whites. Walleye are also feeding on these same flats so we are getting mixed bags as we got eight yesterday. They should even get better in the weeks to come.

If I get a day with no wind at all the whites tend to disappear so we go crappie fishing on deep structure. We still need the water temps to drop
before I will switch totally over to crappie. Once we get water temps down in the low seventies and even lower the crappie will be on fire.   But for now I am fishing main lake down trees clear out on the end of them in twenty feet or so. This is where I am getting my bigger fish but the front of coves that have standing wood have fish on these trees. We pendulum a jig by them and keep moving. Cover water as they just tend to have a fish or two on these standing trees. Minnows are still out fishing jigs but expect to catch a lot of small fish to get your limit.

From all reports that I get large mouth bass is tough as is muskie, both need water temps to drop. For now play the wind game and get in on the fantastic white bass slash walleye fishing.

Steve Welch
Crappie Specialties

From Marques Green, Bass Pro Shops Bolingbrook

I was Prefishing for a bass tournament on the Fox Chain on Sunday so I think you want to know this !
Water temp was 76 degrees ! Residents and Marnia owners are spraying weed control chemicals around docks and home to control weed growth all over the chain ! Feeder creek areas are showing signs of a fish kill with all game fish species dead in area  !  I did find bass in deep weed lines 8-12ft deep on a shaky head black worm  that had not been affected by the spray ! Heavy boat traffic as well !!!
Tight Lines !!

From Jay Angel – Jay Angel’s Guide Service

Shabbona Lake August 28:
Bluegill fishing remains good with large numbers of fish being caught over the deeper rockpiles. About every 5th fish is 8 inches or bigger. Use waxworms for best results.
Crappie fishing is fair with some bigger crappies showing up over the deeper rockpiles. Use minnows for best results. 

Evergreen Lake Aug 27
Crappie fishing at Evergreen Lake is fair during the day and good in the evenings. Crappies have moved a bit shallower with fish being caught in 6 – 14 feet of water. Look for crappies on the shoreline opposite of Deer Island. They are a bit scattered, but they can be caught. In the evenings the crappies have been schooling up on the blown down trees in 8- 12 feet of water.
Lots of 9-10.5 inch long fish have been caught recently.
From Ed Mullady, The Sportsman’s Letter

PART OF WKAN 1320AM- 5 Minute Program SAT. AT 6AM & 8AM ALSO 5 Minute Programs SUN.AT 6AM & 9AM     Ed Mullady,Editor: 815-932-7285
POINT, North of English Lake: Some pike up to 29″ caught on spinnerbaits. Catfish good throughout. Smallmouth bass on crawlers, bluegill on bee moths in Hanna Ditch.  Horseshoe Bend good for bluegill on redworms and baby crawlers.  In this area, Rt. 8 is closed for bridge replacement.   Note from: Kankakee F&W Area:”IN DOT has Rt. 8 SHUT DOWN. They are replacing the bridge over the Kankakee River. Folks can still fish, but it is a bit tough to get on 10 mile road and in the ditch along the highway.  If necessary, call F&W Area 219 896 3522 or Greenwood Bait Shop at 574 896 2367 during business hours.

NOTE FOR ALL FISHERMEN: This is the time that some fishing will be stopped in various parts of Parks and wildlife areas, during different hunting seasons in  both Indiana and Illinois. Check it out first with IN and IL areas you want to fish (or hunt) at!

KANKAKEE RIVER, ILLINOIS:  MIKE LEE, FRANK’S BAIT SHOP, MOMENCE, IL. told us about a recently caught 36″ and a 32″ northern pike taken from the river  near Momence! Pike are beginning to be caught regularly now up and down the river!

IN THE KANKAKEE AREA, some good  fish being caught!  Smallmouth Bass hitting well….Diana at the Kankakee River Trading Post in Altorf next to Kankakee River State Park,  informed us that one fishermen had 5 fish totalling 36 lbs. in weight. She also mentioned good smallmouth bass between the “Lookout” and Rock Creek mouth, on crankbaits!

RIVER GUIDE MATT MULLADY and his clients have been catching some nice smallmouth bass! He told us that Lee Roski and MariaChavez  caught 11 nice smallmouth bass.

On another river fishing trip, Matt had his son(my grandson)Mick Mullady out with a friend, Lucas Gibson, catching smallmouth bass.  Matt mentioned to me how quick Lucas was to catch on to the many different ways of catching smallmouth with different methods!

KEEP IN MIND NOW, if you want to tune in the Big Outdoors on WKAN 1320AM and you cannot pick it up outside the station range, use your computer and click on to WKAN 1320AM and  LISTEN and at the times(or a few seconds later)shown top of this page.

FISHING, HUNTING, CAMPING, CANOEING along our great Kankakee River! It  still needs much help in preserving this ONLY really biggest NATURAL AREA left in the Kankakee River Valley!  Please help. When you vote, check how the politician is either for or against the harmful programs being lined up against the welfare of our river and its tributaries and wetlands.  SEE DETAILS IN THE LATEST SPORTSMAN’S LETTER ON SALE AT ALL KANKAKEE RIVER ORIENTED BAIT SHOPS,SPORT STORES.   

From Cory Yarmuth, Legend Outdoors

Here’s a report for Lake Michigan from the Waukegan, Great Lakes and Northpoint areas.  The Salmon fishing has been rough as of late. Guys are finding good schools of Steelhead and some coho in 230-250 fow.

Fish are being caught on Lead core set-ups with orange spoons like double orange crush. Also Kevorkian color has been doing well.

Kings are scattered, however there have been some reported catches in the 70-90 fow. Spoons have been outproducing flasher/fly combos.

The water surface temperature is 73deg and we need some cooler weather to get these fish to really turn on. Good Luck!

Cory Yarmuth, Legend Oudoors

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