Professional Outdoor Media Association's Award winners announced

Hey wait a minute.   I know one of these guys… Bill Konway. 

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From left to right: Tim Anderson, Steve Pennaz, Dennis Dunn, Kendal Hemphill, Bill Konway, John Jefferson. Not pictured is Mike Marsh.

I’ve seen a lot of Bill’s work and he is an excellant photographer and in my opinion, the number one guy when it comes to outdoor photography and shots of sportmen and women in action on the water and in the field.   Bill techniques for capturing the moment in a unique way are really breathtaking.  Heck, I think he can even make me look good.

See the press release below and check out Bill’s website at to see some of his fine work. 

JOHNSTOWN, PA — The Professional Outdoor Media Association’s (POMA) 2010 Pinnacle Award honorees were announced by Tim Anderson, Director of Public Relations and Pro Staff for Mossy Oak. Anderson presented the awards at POMA’s 5th Annual Business Conference in LaPorte, Ind., Aug. 13, 2010. Mossy Oak is the presenting partner of the Pinnacle Awards Program.

The awards honor journalists for exceptional achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused communications, including writing, photography/illustration/art, broadcasting and content focused on wildlife conservation.

“The Outdoor Media has always held a special place in the hearts of Toxey Haas, Mr. Fox Haas, Cuz (Ronnie) Strickland, Bill Sugg and all of the folks who were involved in the beginning of Mossy Oak,” Anderson said during the awards presentation. “Your craft was critical to the early success of the brand and it continues today, 25 years later.”

The 2010 POMA Pinnacle Award Honorees

•Book: Dennis Dunn — “Barebow! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game”
•Broadcast: Steve Pennaz — “Prehistoric Giant Florida Sawfish” — North American Fisherman
•Conservation: Mike Marsh — “Bearing Responsibility” — Wildlife in North Carolina
•Magazine Article: John Jefferson — “Firing Line” — Outdoor Life
•Newspaper/Web Article: Kendal Hemphill — “Trivial Intelligence” — Mason County News
•Photography/Art/Illustration: Bill Konway — “Whack!! Broken Jaw” — Field and Stream Online and “Traditional Hunter” —

“The words, stories, tips, insights, images and opinions that the outdoor media pass along to outdoor consumers, regardless of the format, plays a vital part in the success of all outdoor companies,” Anderson added. “That is why Mossy Oak is proud to have the opportunity to recognize these outstanding outdoor communicators.

“The word Pinnacle congers up visions of being at the top of your game … at the top of the mountain … or on top of the world … it’s fitting that we recognize the POMA media members who are truly the best of the best, and at the top of their profession, with the POMA Pinnacle Award.”

Mossy Oak’s partnership with POMA and appreciation of the traditional outdoor sports media are exemplars, according to POMA Chairman Bill Miller. Mossy Oak joined forces with POMA to promote excellence in communications at all levels and encourage members of the media to set the bar high — knowing the importance to the industry of a professional and committed media corps.

“Mossy Oak more than understands POMA’s motto, ‘Together, we can do great things,'” Miller said. “The company lives the motto. Through its support of POMA’s Pinnacle Awards, Mossy Oak encourages communicators to strive to be the best they can be, which positively affects our industry and our sports. So, together we are doing great things.”

POMA media members are encouraged to enter works into the annual Pinnacle Awards competition. The deadline for entries is mid-February. Complete details and entry forms are available on the POMA website,

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