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Extreme Weather Line has an Icy Stare

It’s over 90 degrees outside.  The humidity is unbelievable.  And the heat index is like 107.  It’s miserable out there.  But you know. When reading this press release, thinking about ice fishing, things seemed to cool down a bit.  Ahhh… I can’t wait till the ice season arrives.  Check this out…. Smooth and tough BIONIC... Read more »

Fall Radio Show Trip to Mille Lacs MN... Register Now!!!

Catch fish like this on the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Fall Trip to Mille Lacs MN. Register Now. The trip is right after Labor Day. Join Jim DaRosa, Ray Ludkevicz, and Don Dziedzina co-hosts of the “Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show,” and host, McQuoids Inn and Resort, for four fabulous days of fishing for trophy... Read more »

Illinois Walleye Trail announces 2011 tournament schedule

Just received from the IWT….. The Illinois Walleye Trail is pleased to announce the 2011 Tournament schedule.  These are Team Format tournaments with no membership requirements.  This year we have elected to do a couple of tournaments out of the normal Illinois River with one  on the Mississippi and the other in Ottawa.  The Illinois... Read more »

Kankakee Fishing report from Ed Mullady

Ed sent me a detailed fishing report from the Kankakee River.   Looks like the smallmouth bass are doing pretty good…  Hi! Today’s Report: Indiana: Bluegill good in quieter river waters on jumbo red worms, small spinners, small minnows. Largemouth Bass also good in various quieter waters on plastic worms, minnows, artificial frogs, crawfish, top water... Read more »

Shabbona is giving up some big fish

I received an email from Denny Sands from Lakeside Bait and Tackle.  This is the tackle shop found on the shores of Shabbona Lake. Sands told me that this has been a week of big fish. A monster muskie was caught on Monday, August 9  that was 49.5 inches long and weighed 30.65 pounds.  Wow, muskie... Read more »

New Fishing Line featuring Gore Performance Fibers

What’s the most important thing between you and that trophy fish that you want to catch?  If you’re saying that it’s the fishing line, you’re right on target.   Bargain basement spool end discount lines just don’t make it.  Cheap and bad line is not only frustrating to use, but it’s also that all so important... Read more »

DNR is proud to announce outdoor opportunities for youths

This email came to me from the IL DND regarding getting our kids outdoors.  We have to encourage our children to put down their cell phones and video game controls.  We have to turn off the TV for a while.  Working with our kids and showing them that there are a lot of things to... Read more »

Annual ICAST Show Spotlights Top New Fishing Gear

I have several posts on tackle and sporting goods items seen at the ICAST Show.  They’ll still be coming because so many new products have been introduced for 2011.  Several new items are listed here, so read up on them, and start looking for them at your favorite bait and tackle shop.  I’m quite confident... Read more »

Conservation World Open at State Fair Aug. 13 to 22 in Springfield

I attended the State Fair last year and it was great.  The most exiciting part of it was a walk through Conservation World.  There is so much to see and do at Conservation World that you can spend a whole day enjoying and learning about the outdoors.  This press release just came in.  Conservation World... Read more »

Testing complete on Bighead Asian Carp Found in Lake Calumet

Bighead Carp that was captured alive in Lake Calumet This came in from the IL DNR today. There is some scientifically interesting information here.  Check it out… Fish could have lived most of its adult life above Electric Barrier Defense System CHICAGO- A six-year-old Bighead carp that was caught in the waters of Lake Calumet... Read more »