New for 2011 - PENN Allegiance Inshore Rods

For our local anglers who get to do some saltwater fishing, this just came in from PENN and I’d like to share it with you…

For Chasing and Catching Shallow Saltwater Brutesadsfaasdfasdfasdfa.jpg

Inshore fishing is certainly challenging and accurate lure placement and retrieve, delicate and subtle bites and solid hook sets are just part of the game. The new PENN Allegiance Inshore series of spinning and baitcast rods are designed for shallow water species be it tarpon, redfish speckled trout or snook.

Ten fast action models, seven spinning and three baitcasting, are available. Using 100% graphite blanks, the rods are designed for utmost balance and quick tip actions. Fuji aluminum oxide guides are sized and configured for optimum casting accuracy and distance, configured to specific line sizes. Allegiance rods are equipped with lightweight graphite reel seats with sculpted EVA grips that are not only lighter but provide a more tactile grip when wet.

Cosmetically, the one-piece Allegiance rods match well with the PENN Fierce spinning and Sargus spinning/casting reels.

Spinning rod lengths range from the 6’9″ fast tip action model with line recommendations of 6 to 12-pound monofilament or 6 to 15-pound braid to the 7’0″ fast tip version with line recommendations 15 to 30 mono/20 to 50 braid. The longest spinning model is 7’6″. The 7’0″ casting models are rated for 8 to 15 mono/8 to 20 braid to the heavier 15 to 30 mono/20 to 50 braid. Depending on the model chosen,anglers can present small 1/16-ounce lures up to 1 ½-ounce lures.

The MSRP for PENN Allegiance Inshore rods is $59.95 and $69.95.

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