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I have a Hiber-Net… it’s really a great tool for bringing in the fish yet so convenient as it fits in the rod locker of my boat while travelling to and from a lake.  That’s a great advantage in that it has a place to stay when not in use.  I love the compact-ability of this net and for landing the big fish… it does the job well.

Here’s a press release that I just recieved about this net and a newer, bigger version coming out soon.

Wide-mouthed Hiber-Net XL scoops mighty predator fish then vanishes into the rod box
Jackson, WI – Quick, name the one piece of fishing gear that although vital to putting fish in the boat, often gets left behind because you’ve simply run out of space? Think of your favorite trips to the Canadian North, Florida Keys, or anywhere else you travel in search of large fish. On many of these excursions, carrying a landing net just isn’t practical. What would you say, then, to a premium portable net that actually fit right inside a travel rod case?
Last year, the engineers at Frabill® introduced the ingenious Hiber-Net®–the first completely retractable landing net that stows like a broomstick and deploys as easily as an umbrella. Since then, countless fish have been safely landed, both during fly-in trips and journeys to neighborhood ponds alike, thanks to Hiber-Net’s easygoing attitude and go-anywhere design.

Now, to tame even larger fish–northern pike, walleye, redfish, catfish and striped bass to 25-pounds–Frabill brings us Hiber-Net XL. With a larger, beefier hoop and deeper, more cavernous bag, the new Hiber-Net XL gives you big fish landing insurance, no matter where your fishing adventures take you.

“The Hiber-Net XL is an awesome landing net concept that works great for guide trips as well as family fishing vacations, where packing light is essential,” says full-time fishing guide and Frabill Pro-Staff Tony Roach. “When I’ve got a group of anglers in the boat, the Hiber-Net XL is always ready to play, plus it’s never in the way and never gets stepped on or tangled. The design is absolutely foolproof–when I need the net, I simply slide the handle forward to lock the hoop in place and land the fish. For all those big walleyes and pike we catch, the new larger Hiber-Net XL is perfect. And stowed, it occupies no more room than a 6-foot rod and reel combo. A net that fits in the rod locker, you’ve gotta love that!”

“Hiber-Net is unquestionably the best portable landing net solution we’ve seen,” states Frabill Engineer, Ryan Kleckner. “And in over seventy years in the net business, we’ve seen a few. 

“The beauty of the Hiber-Net XL lies in its simple, foolproof design,” asserts Kleckner. “There are no buttons or confusing push connections. All you do is slide the handle upward. You feel, see and hear the net lock into place, so there’s no way to overdo it. Hiber-Net XL retracts instantly, too.  Just pull the Slide-Grip back toward the handle. This unlocks the hoop and draws it back inside the tube.”
Hiber-Net XL, like its smaller brother, the Original Hiber-Net, features a robust handle and hoop frame built with heavy-walled, extruded aluminum. The Slide-Grip itself is super-durable, using pultruded fiberglass springs, which power the automatic hoop lock. Hardware consists of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, fortifying an already rock-solid product with extreme corrosion resistance for use in saltwater.
On the business end of the net, a premium rubberized handle yields sure-handed use. The netting itself is made from a soft, black poly mesh. The material is UV and wear resistant, and won’t spook or harm fish. Retracted, Hiber-Net XL is 72-inches in length, with a fish-friendly triangular-shaped hoop that’s 31- by 27-inches wide and 32-inches deep. Thanks to Frabill’s always-sound engineering, Hiber-Net XL easily handles some of the mightiest fish swimming our waterways, all with the portability of a fishing rod and the convenience of an umbrella.
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