The Gear Grabbar - Great new item

Here’s another great new item that I found at the ICAST show.  It’s the Gear Grabbar.  There are all sorts of racks that you can use to hang  your lures from in your boat.  In most cases it involves putting a hook into a hole.  This is not the case with the Gear Grabbar.  Bring the lure close to the Gear Grabbar and the magnets literally grab the hooks and holds the lure in place.  It’s a pretty neat idea.

I like it for other reasons.  It can attach to just about any location you desire.  With the magnetic hold of the lure, there’s no chance of you getting hooked by pulling away a lure that was not quite all of the way out of the rack.  And hanging the lures out of the way (and off the floor of the boat) is so easy. 

You can use the Gear Grabbar in boats, canoes, pontoons, on docks, even on the side of your tackle box.  Yeah, why keep on opening and closing the box to change lures.  Attached a Gear Grabbar on the outside wall of your tackle box and when you’re ready to go fishing, pull out a bunch of your favorite lures and let them hang on the outside of the box.  This gives you less time looking and more time fishing.

Here is what the folks at Magnetic Marine Products has to say about the Gear Grabbar….



 Gear Grabbar – Lure Holder & Tackle Organizer

Gear Grabbar’s innovative patent pending design offers a variety of features to help keep you free of hook injuries….

•  No need to ever touch the hooks again.  As you bring your lure close to the lure magnet the amazing magnetic force automatically grabs the hook for you and holds it securely. You can hold your lure by its body, not its hook.•Minimize damage to clothing.  Even with the super secure hold that Gear Grabbar offers should a pant leg or any article of clothing become attached to a hook the Gear Grabbar will release that single LURE to ensure you don’t tear your clothing or tear your entire lure holder off your boat.

•  Worry less about having your kids and pets on the boat…  Gear Grabbar keeps your gear neat, orderly and organized. By storing and organizing your lures and gear with Gear Grabbar you can have confidence that you are being proactive to reduce hook injuries.

•  The Gear Grabbar magnetic tool holder offers you reliability. This great feature offers you versatility whether you choose a knife, needle nose pliers, scissors, hemostat, etc. The magnetic attachment will hold whatever your chosen tool is perfectly and securely.

•  Gear Grabbar is designed for more than lure and tool safety and organization. The magnetic top shelf is GREAT for securely holding gear like jig heads, hooks, line snips, hook sharpener, etc.

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