Shakespeare introduces a new No Backlash baitcasting reel

At the 2010 ICAST Show, I visited the Shakespeare booth and checked out the new low profile baitcasting reel that everyone has been talking about.  It’s the E-Z Cast reel that just will not give you a backlash.     I had to try it for myself.

In speaking with one of the reps, he handed me a rod and reel.  It was an E-Z Cast baitcasting reel set up on a nice Shakespeare rod.  On the end of the line was a practice casting plug.

“Give it a good hard cast and hit the wall.”  I was told.  The wall was about 20 feet away.  This would be a guarenteed backlash once the plug hit the wall. 

I whipped that plug into the wall about five times; not one backlash.  I flipped the plug a few feet in front of me.  Nothing.  I bounced the plug off the floor.  Zippo. I tried everything I could and could not get a backlash.  What a great reel.

Now I’m thinking.  A lot of people are afraid of a baitcasting reel because of backlashes.  Fear no more.  Get one of these and learn how to cast a baitcasting reel without the frustration of untangling birds nests. 

Every experienced angler knows that a baitcasting reel is the strongest type of reel you can use for big game fish.  Check this one out and I’m sure you’ll love it (you’ll love the price too.)

Here’s what Shakespeare has to say about their New E-Z Cast Low Profile Baitcasting Reel…

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Introducing The Only Reel With Anti-Backlash System™

Everyone worries about backlashes when fishing with baitcast reels.  And everyone, novice to pro angler, gets the occasional bird’s nest.

Shakespeare® has eliminated the anxiety and reluctance to use baitcast reels with the new E-Z Cast® low profile reel. The E-Z Cast incorporates a revolutionary Anti-Backlash System™ (ABS™) that prevents backlash when casting and allows the angler to send baits flying without reel mishap.

The E-Z Cast low profile reel is designed to automatically throttle down the revolutions of the spool when line speed and spool speed are not lining up. This new ABS is a great teaching tool that allows anglers of all skill levels to learn to cast a baitcast without worrying about a bird’s nest. When the angler gains confidence the ABS feature can be turned off to function like a normal low profile reel.

The Shakespeare E-Z Cast, featuring this new and exciting ABS technology, is offered as a reel and in a combo. Shakespeare is also launching a pink version of the E-Z Cast low profile reel under the umbrella of female specific products that help support the American Breast Cancer Foundation®.

Both men’s and women’s models are filled with 100 yards of quality Stren® 10-pound test monofilament line. The combos feature a two-piece 6’0″ medium action rod with hook keeper, stainless steel guides, and EVA grips.

The Shakespeare E-Z Cast has an MSRP of $39.99. The reel and rod combo is priced at $49.99.

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