Fishing Wildcat Lake with a twist

Fishing out of a Hobie kayak allowed me to sneak up on that nice bass in Big Kitten Lake.

This last trip to the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Junction Wisconsin was a blast.  Yes the fishing was good.  The accomodations were fantastic.  And the food…well, check out this blog  CLICK HERE.

But wait, let me finish.

This trip was so different becasue I got to fish a  few days out of a Hobie Pro Angler kayak.  It was a different way to sneak up on the fish.  It was fun, no doubt about it. 

I was able to keep the kayak at a dock making it accessable every day. The same goes for all of the guests as there is plenty of dock space for your boat or one that is available at the lodge for your use if you don’t own a boat.

How many times have you heard the story about going to fish on the other end of the lake, miles away from the resort.  That just doesn’t happen at Wildcat Lodge.  The photo above shows a nice sized bass that I got while fishing out of my Hobie.

What was really cool is that the lodge’s in house fishing guide, Todd Gessner even jumped into the kayak and fished out of it for awhile.

The lodge has a nice sand beach at one end of the property.  Just off that beach near some lily pad is where I got that bass. It jumped on a white spinnerbait.

I caught a muskie off the dock at the lodge one day last year.  Across the bay is a big downfallen tree.  Jim France, owner Tim France’s dad told me that a huge muskie hangs out hding in the area of that tree.  WIldcat, Big Kitten and Little Kitten lakes are Class A muskie waters.  I believe it.  When I fished with Jeff Novak and his son Joe,  two muskies made it into the boat, almost three.  All were caught by Joe.

I am anxious for that day to come when I can go back to the Wildcat Lodge.  It’s a beautiful resort, fishing is great, and did I mention the food?   FAN TAS TIC!!!

For info on the lodge visit or give them a call at (715) 385-2421.

Check out the photos in the slideshow. 

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