Shots fired on the Illinois RIver

Received an email from the President of the Bowfishing Association of Illinois.  Thought it would be good to share with all who go out on the river.

Hey everyone; Several BAI members have told me that they have heard what appears to be gun shots fired in the air or who know where when they bowfish in or near a creek on the north side of the Illinois River downstream of Ottawa and above the starved rock dam and near the duck club island. I have talked with the state police who handed it over to the CPOs. The CPOs have been trying to talk with people who live on the creek in houses and trailers. They have not found anyone home yet. Please be very careful when around this area. The CPOs have asked that I post this and have anyone who hears the shots when bowfishing call the state police immediately at (815)224-1150. They will once again be in the area today checking houses and interviewing people. Dont mention that you are bowfishing, just tell them you are out on a boat and the location and where the shots seem to be coming from. If you mention bowfishing they may call the CPOs thinking its a game issue when its someone illegally firing a weapon. Someone from the same area has also been shining bowfishermen with high intensity spotlights from shore. Call the cops! Again, do not take any chances with these people. They more than likely are firing into the air trying to scare people close to their area, but thats how someone can get killed. And you never know, they might try and shoot someone. Again, keep your cell phone handy and be careful… the cops and press charges.

Ed DeVries President,Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois

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