Okay, fishing and food go together

Don and Judy Dziedzina enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Junction. A fishing vacation goes beyond the water. Fine dining means no cooking or clean up in the cabin.

Okay, so maybe this should be in some food section on Chicago Now.  Well, sorry, it’s not.  This is about fine dining while on a fishing vacation.

Yesterday I wrote a blog entry about being at the Wildcat Lodge last week.  My column in the Chicago Tribune (CLICK HERE)  on the trip came out yesterday.  

In the blog I mentioned the food served at Wildcat Lodge on the Modified American Plan.  I know what that means but I think it should have a different name.  This is 100%, full blown, top notch, fine dining.  Okay, maybe it is “modified”.   I’ll say it’s modified to be non-typical of a breakfast and dinner.  It’s modified to be some of the best food and service, the likes of some of the best dining facilities in downtown Chicago.

“Jan and I talked about the dinners served at Wildcat last week.” Jeff Novak said  “We both agreed.  Don, my job brings me to some of the best restaurants in the Midwest when entertaining clients.  I’m talking meals that are unbelieveable.  But we agreed that each of the dinners that we had last week at Wildcat rank in the top 10 of all the dinners we enjoyed.  It was just great.

So the fishing was good.   We had a lot of fun catching largemouth, smallmouth, and muskie.  There are very few northern pike in Wildcat, Big and Little Kitten lakes, but I managed to get one. But what helps starting the day is a good hearty breakfast.  And after a long day on the water, nothing beats a good meal starting with a salad, all the way thorugh dessert.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well check out the slideshow below and tell me, doesn’t this make you hungry for some fine dining?

Wildcat Lodge is located just north of Boulder Junction, just a bit more than six hours north of Chicago, straight north on U.S. Highway 51 to County Highway M in Vilas County.

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