Illinois River sauger? Check this out...


The Masters Walleye Circuit was held this past weekend.  There were over  125 teams in the tournament and all but two caught fish.

The winning team of Kevin Dahl and Steve Stack of Muskego, Wisconsin are the winners.

Dahl and Stack had two day limit totaled 25.55 pounds to beat all the other teams.  Literally hundreds of fish were caught for the two day tournament and most all were sauger.

If you don’t think that there are any sauger (or walleye) in the Illinois River, check out the leader board at Walleye Central who has the unofficial weigh in listed right now. CLICK HERE to check it out.

The MWC has been holding walleye/sauger tournament on the Illinois River since the 1980s.  So many tournament anglers thought it was crazy to have a prestigious walleye tournament like this in the Chicagoland area and on a river that’s so industrial.   

It’s been proved to walleye anglers across the country that the Illinois River is the sauger capitol of the world.

Most angler use live bait, minnows.  They’ll vertically fish with a jig and minnow or use a three way rig, like a Wolf River rig.  Others will troll and some handlining, a popular method that came about from the Detroit River where currents are so swift.   Handlining uses a heavy weight to keep in contact with the bottom and allow the angler to say on certain depth levels.  Long leaders are used and usually baits like a floating Rapala is used.

This sauger fishing that was had this week and last will continue for another week or so.  Once the sauger are spawned out, it will slow down for awhile, pick up again, then the fish will scatter.  If you want to try some excellent sauger fishing, head out to Starved Rock, Peru, or Spring Valley.

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