Berkley's Gulp Alive now has 1-inch leech

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Berkley’s new 1-inch Gulp Alive Leech

Every once and awhile something in the outdoors industry happens and we find a new bait available. 

Berkley’s Gulp Alive just came out with a new 1-inch leech.  I’ve used their 3 and 5 inch leeches and have done very well with them.   With the 1-inch leech now available, I’m pretty excited about trying them.

Many times I’ve used the 5-inch leech for bass by attaching them to a small jig.  If the fish got very finicky, I’ll go to a light aberdeen hook and a split shot about 18 inches up the line.  When the fishing got really tough, I’d go down to the 3-inch leech.  Now with having the 1-inch leech available, this opens a brand new window.

These new baits aught to be great for crappies, bluegills, rock bass, smallies, perch and more.

I received a press release on the new baits and photos showing all the colors.  The slideshow below gives you a look at these new baits and take a look at what they say about the new 1-inch leeches….

Not an Ordinary Leech, Easy to Care For and Always Available

Whether it’s crappie, bluegill, bream or perch, panfish remain the most sought after freshwater fish. Natural baits are most often used to catch the small fighters, but keeping bait alive is difficult. The new Berkley® Gulp!® Alive!® 1-inch Leech is perfect for panfish in any situation.

The Gulp! Alive! 1-inch Leech can be set under a slip-bobber, used as a jig trailer or lip hooked to a drop shot. Either way these fish-catching machines are perfect for any lake, pond or river.

“I use the 1-inch leech to catch loads of panfish,” said Dr. Keith Jones, Director of Fish Research at Berkley. “Fishing in and around brush piles for crappie is my favorite application for the Gulp! Alive! 1-inch Leech. “I can take these leeches out and catch a mess of crappie in no time by tying them onto a 3/16-ounce jig head and dropping it down to the sunken brush piles.”

Each 2.1-ounce Gulp! Alive! jar is packed with the Gulp! Alive! attractant, which outfishes and outlasts live bait. Once your fishing trip has ended simply place used baits back into the jar for a quick recharge. They will be ready for use on your next trip.

Available in six colors; Black, Black Olive, Chartreuse, Natural, Pearl White and Pink, these baits will be the next big panfish bait. Gulp! Alive! 1-inch Leech have an MSRP of $5.99 for a 2.1-ounce re-sealable jar.

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