Turkey Season is coming. What's our favorite call?


Don Dziedzina shows off a 22 1/2 # turkey that had an 11 inch beard. This bird was taken in Whiteside County, Illinois.

With the turkey hunting season right around the corner, what’s your favorite type of call?

We basically have three, actually four choices.

There are box calls, mouth calls, slates ( and I’ll include glass in this )  and turkey wing bone calls.

I have two favorites only because I’m okay with working them, but not so good with the other.

I tried making a turkey wing bone call once.  Didn’t work.  But many say they do.

The ones that I prefer are the box and mouth call.  Let me tell you why.

A box call for me is pretty easy to operate.  I do okay with them.  I have four or five .  A few are manufactured, while two are custom made.  They’re pretty neat calls.

While sitting in a ground blind or up against a tree, the box call is easy to use, but you do need to use both hands.  A slate call is the same thing.  You need both hands.

But when a turkey comes nearby, you have to be ready with your shotgun up and at the shoulder.  Turkey’s have fantastic eyesight and will spook at the least amout of movement.  You cannot put the call down and pick up your shotgun when a bird is in sight.

This is why I also like a mouth call.  I’ll use the box call to get their attention and get them walking toward my decoy.   But when they’re close, and I have the shotgun shouldered, I want to get a good shot.

With one little tweek with the mouth call, the birds will usually pick their head up, stretch out their necks to look around and see where the call came from.   This is when you take the shot.

For someone to understand the excitement of a turkey hunt can only be experienced by someone who goes on the hunt. 

Getting  up at ungodly hours of the morning, walking to your spot in pitch darkness and while trying to be as quiet as possible is really  part of the hunt.  Calling the birds in close and getting the shot is also part of the reward.  It’s part of the experiece that just can’t be beat.

So what is your favorite call?  Let us all know, and tell us why.

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