The fish just did not cooperate

At my TV show website, I have a fishing forum where anglers and hunters can post their reports.   It’s a little different from what we have here in a blog.

But the other day, a question was put out where a guy was asking how the fishing was on the Illinois River.

This was my reply to him…

Time on the Water Outdoors ( the old Riverview Marina in Spring Valley) informed me last Monday that the sauger are good under the SV bridge, across from the Hennepin boat launch, and the Peru and St. Bede flats. Jig and minnow. Barto landing still frozen but Starved Rock, and Hennepin are open.  The Spring Valley boat club will let you launch, they are across the river from Barto Landing, but please park where they tell you. They’ve been letting people launch but will stop it for non members if people block things by parking where they shouldn’t.
Well, the writer went fishing….

“Man what a difference a few days makes. Didn’t even get a bite today.  Everyone else I talked to said the same thing.”  the writer said in a post today.

Well that’s fishing for you. 

Sorry to hear you the fish were not cooperating for him.

But I’m glad to read what he said, “Man what a difference a few days makes.”

I do the weekly Fishing Report for the Chicago Tribune.  It comes out on Tuesdays.   It’s a great opportunity to share information with the readers but I am hopeful that everyone understands that the information that I receive comes from bait shops and avid anglers. Some reports come from my own experience on the water.

But there can be a lot of difference in one day. It can go from good to bad. But it can also go from bad to good.

I get my reports on Mondays. The information is what comes to me from anglers who have been out over the weekend or the previous week.  With the Fishing Report and my column coming out on Tuesdays, that’s a pretty short deadline and makes the information as good as it could possibly be for newsprint.

I invite all of you out there to share your reports with me as well.  And on occsaion, with room in the report, I’d like to include your report in the Tribune too.  You can email me at   Send photos too.  If I cannot get them in the Trib, I’ll do my best to post them here in the blog.

No one person can be all over fishing everywhere.  If the fishidng is good, say so.  If it’s bad, let me know that too.

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