GSPs are really the best


This is Wager, a German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Lisa Dziedzina, took first place in Jumpers today at the International Kennel Club meet at Chicago’s McCormick Place.  This photo was taken during his winning performance.  Can you see winning in his eyes?

I’ve had a  previous post where I wrote about my daughters German Shorthaired Pointer Wager. 

She has been at the International Kennel Club meet at McCormick Place since Thrusday. 

I mentioned that her pup ended up in the Top 5 GSPs for comfirmation at the show, but unlike in horseshoes and handgeranades, close does not count.

Today was a big day for her though.  Wager took first place in Jumpers.   This is an agility competition where the dog goes around the ring and jumps hurdles in an order directed by the handler. 

Good job Lisa and Wager.  He now has another title under his belt.

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