German Shorthaired Pointers, the best dogs on earth

I’ve had German Shorthaired Pointer in my home for years.  To me they’re the best pointing dogs a hunter could have.

Right now there are two in my home.  My daugher Lisa owns them. 

Gambol is about 14 and he’s retired.  He had some high rankings in the GSP ring.  My daughter had him compete in obedience and agility and he did well.  He loved being in the field when we hunted years ago.

Lisa now works with a younger GSP, Wager.  He’s about 4.  He has several titles and now is in training for hunt tests.

Lisa has him at the International Kennel Club this weekend and as usual, he’s doing pretty good.

Wager ended up in the top 5 GSPs for confirmation.   Now I won’t profess to say that I know a lot about all of this, but I can say that I’m awful proud about my daughter’s accomplishments with her dogs.

Saturday and Sunday there will be more compeittion.  Agilty, obedience, confirmation? Some or all I can’t keep track. All I can say is I will be anxiously awaiting her call at the end of both days to see how she and Wager did.

If you stop by the IKC at McCormick Place, look for her amonst the other GSPs.  Say hi and wish her good luck.

Here are some photos of the pups we’ve had over the years.

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