A Southern Illinois report from Little Grassy

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Ron DaRosa

My radio show cohost partner Jim DaRosa has family in southern Illinois. They often share fishing information.  Jim’s nephew, Ron DaRosa wrote to me about fishing on Sunday.  Here is what he said about fishing Little Grassy.


Well got to the lake this afternoon.

Temps were cool in the mid 40’s but the sun was shining and the office was closed. Water temp still 39 degrees or so without much variance, and still a bit of ice in some shady spots



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There are some signs of better things to come, turtles were up on logs on the south facing banks and I could hear a few redwing blackbirds.

The fish even cooperated a bit, caught a couple pretty decent fish on south facing points on jerkbaits. The thing I found interesting was the fish were actually kind of active despite the cold water. Guess I’ll have to go tomorrow !


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