80 pound braid and muskie fishing

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Don Dziedzina with a 38 inch muskie taken using braided line on a baitcasting reel.

I was asked a question about the use of 80 pound braid on a muskie reel. 

Specifically, the question poses was it alright to use 80 pound mono on a spinning reel made for 40 pound.

Wow.  I’m not saying it never has been done, and I will not profess to be an avid muskie angler or one who is qualified to asnwer this.  But I have my concerns.

Braided line on a spinning reel is okay.  But remember you have to use a mono backing otherwise the line will spin on the spool.

80 pound test on a reel made for 40?  Well most likely it’s listed for 40 pound mono and 80 pound test braid could be close to the same diameter.

But the writer is talking about muskie fishing with a spinning real.  I’ve never seen that.  I’m not saying it never happens or you cannot do it, but I would think that it is a wiser choice to use a baitcasting reel. 

The reason is that a spinning reel bail is not real strong to set a hook on a big fish.  It’s also a weak spot on a real when your jerking half pound baits through the water.  I would think that it’s only a matter of time before the reel would just fall apart in your hands.

A lot of the sporting goods stores are having big sales now and it’s a good time to invest in a nice muskie rod and reel.  I thnk you’ll be much happier with that.



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  • Well, I'm thinking that the spinning rod better be a pretty long one so it can handle the fight. Like fly rods, long but with some backbone by the handle.

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