There's a lot of water on top of the ice

We had a lot of rain over the last few days and that left a lot of water on top of the ice.

Some lakes and ponds still have safe ice.. as far as thickness goes.  But with all this water, you better be wearing ice cleats.  The ice under these conditions is very slippery. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that with all the water, you better stay on your feet.  Clothing will soak up the water like a sponge when it’s above freezing outside.  If you go down on one knee to get a fish off a tip up, you’ll be s oaked in no time at all and then you’ll get cold.

Check with local bait shops and on the fishing forums like to see what other anglers are saying about ice conditions.  Cut holes close to shore in shallow water to check on the thickness.  Always go with a friend and most importanly, be careful.

It looks like we’ll get some freezing temps again in a few days that can save our ice for us.

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