SHOT Show was gigantic

The SHOT Show has to be the largest outdoor show I have ever attended.

This is a trade show for manufacturers and buyers.   Media is allowed to attend and view all of the new items coming out for the 2010/2011 hunting seasons.

Guns, guns, and more guns.  Firearms took the lead with most floor space.  There were over1800 exhibitors there.  If there is any kind of gun made, it was there.

Second to that was the line of camo clothing.  To be honest with you. there were literally dozens upon dozens of companies there and for the most part, they all looked alike.

Some neat things included a full line of camo clothing for the ladies.  No more wearing guys pants and shirts for the gals.

They even had camo teddy bears for the little kids.  I saw pink camo ATVs, shotguns for over $100,000.00, and every kind of duck or goose decoy you can imagine.  There were dozens of boot displays and each was the best of the best.  Knives were everywhere.  One company even handed out bandaides.

It’s too bad that this show was not open to the public.   But I have to tell you, visit your favorite outdoor store soon because a lot of intersting items are coming out real soon.


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  • Hiya Don, this entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • I can understand why. There is so much to see and with all the new items coming out for hunting, shooting and the outdoors, it's a must attend event for buyers and the media.

    Is there a show like this that is open to the public? For fishing and hunting, I understand that the Harrisburg PA show is really huge.

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