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Deer win at Goose Lake Prairie State Park

My first season hunting for deer at Goose Lake Prairie State Park ended today with a score of Deer 1, Dz… 0. I had all the confidence in the world that I would fill my tag today.  The morning started with me seeing at least 10 deer running across a field.  Unfortunately they came across... Read more »

SHOT Show opens next week

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) is the largest trade show for the shooting sports and hunting industries. It is the world’s premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, archery, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics, camping and related products and services. I will be attending this show in Las Vegas, NV, next week and... Read more »

It's the last inning for the Late Winter deer season

Friday and Saturday at Goose Lake Prairie State Park did not go without a few deer being taken from the herd.  Unfortunatly, not by me or my hunting partner Dan Stefanich of Wilmington. We saw deer, but none close enough to shoot at.  Others did get a shot and filled their tag. Sunday morning at... Read more »

Ice fishing is HOT

Got out today with Jim DaRosa of the Fishing Line and Outdoor Radio Show.  We ice fished a small pond and I have to say, the ice fishing is HOT. We fished with Northland Tackle ice jigging spoons that had rattles molded into them.  We tipped them with wax worms and did really well catching 8... Read more »

Got Pictures?

“Great fishing is not that far away.” tm It’s really important to outdoorsmen and women to have a bragging board so that they can share their catch and harvest with others. The initials CPR got a new meaning because of fishing and anglers wanting to preserve our precious resources.  Catch, Photo and Release is has... Read more »

Goose season - No changes

The birds were flying but nowhere near our field. This is has been the most unusual goose season I have ever experienced. Last year my hunting partners and I hunted a few Will County farmfields located in the North Zone.  One field in particular produced 98 geese for us.  This year, the same area produced... Read more »

Live broadcast at Chicago Boat Show

Jim DaRosa (L), Don Dziedzina, and Ray Ludkevicz will broadcast the Fishing Line and Outdoor Radio Show live at the Chicago Boat, RV, and Outdoor show on Feb 13 at 6:30 PM. Today, January 13, the Fishing Line and Outdoor Radio Show will do a live broadcast at the Chicago Boat, RV and Outdoor Show... Read more »

Gun dogs are good all around dogs

I’ve had GermanShorthaired Pointers in my house for about 30 years, maybe longer.  At this time, I have two.  Acutally, they belong to my daughter Lisa. Gambol, who is 14 and Wager who is 4 are like night and day.   Gambol lives up to his name.  In the field he’ll just gambol along at his... Read more »

Sunday is the last day for the Muskie Show

The Chicago Muskie Show will be open tomorrow for those who have not made it out there yet.  This is a great place to see the latest in muskie tackle and meet some of the country’s top muskie anglers like Jim Saric and Chad Cain.  . The Chicago Muskie Show is held at the Harper... Read more »

North Zone goose hunting closed without a bang

Thank goodness ice fishing is here.  The North Zone for goose hunting closed at sundown today. Jim DaRosa of the Fishing Line and Outdoor Radio Show and I were out for about four hours in Will County.  We saw a few small flocks of Canada geese.  None were interested or workable.  They were flying high. Also... Read more »