Open water angling in southern Illinois

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More photos have come in.  Ron DaRosa sent these to share. and al
ong with them, this is what Ron had to say.

“Well it is here, … jerkbait season ! Fished with Cole Moss and we went down to DK to catch the elusive rainbow trout, largemouth bass or what ever would tug on our line. Water temp around 39 degrees with a south east breeze blowing pretty good. Caught 4 fish, 2 rainbows and 2 largemouth to break the ice for 2010. It was Coles first ever rainbow so that was pretty cool. All fish came in suspending jerkbaits, blue back w/orange belly seemed to help. Looking forward to next trip ! Hogan was putting in about the time we were leaving so should be able to get a further report.”


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If you have a prize fish that you want to share, send it to me at   Tell me a little bit about where it was caught, what bait were used and any other details you’d like to share with the readers.

I’ll do my best to get the photo on the blog.

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