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Tell me about your deer hunt for 2009

Did you get out deer hunting this year?  How did you do? The numbers for the two firearm seasons were down from last year.   Check out my article in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune. I hunted both seasons in southern Illinois with the Boneyard Outfitters.  I saw a many does but let them all pass.  It was... Read more »

What is the solution to get kids into the outdoors?

Why are not more kids interested in the outdoors?  What can we do to get them out fishing or hunting?  Is it too many video games?  Too much TV?  When kids watch outdoor TV and see someone catch a dozen 5 pound bass in a half hour a bit of an injustice?  Personally, I think... Read more »

Let's hear about your goose hunting

Finally got to get out goose hunting a couple times. The birds are there but not yet coming to the fields I am able to hunt. With the corn coming down late, birds were really scattered. They were using bean fields. Now they’re all getting hungry and migrators are coming down to our area. Larger flocks are... Read more »

Winter brings on Outdoor Activities

In late November, my daughter Lisa and I took my boat to Lake Calumet and taped a TV show on crappie fishing. We caught slab sized fish up to fourteen inches long and a handful of eleven inch perch. Fishing like this on Lake Calumet will continue until it starts to freeze over. Just prior... Read more »

Welcome to Illinois Outdoors at ChicagoNow

Illinois Outdoors is now part of the website.  I am quite honored to share my experiences and informing the readers of the latest in outdoor news each week with an entertaining and informative post on fishing, hunting and the outdoors.  And I am also so excited that I will now be doing the outdoors column for the... Read more »