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Guess Jeans: Hip-Hugging for 30 Sexy Years

That great American institution known as denim jeans was celebrated in a loud and proud fashion event on Tues. night (April 24th) at the Michigan Ave. Guess jeans store . Lines and designs of stylish, curvy, form-fitting jeans were created by the Marciano bros. almost 30 years ago and slowly developed into a sort of... Read more »

Fashion Fete

Again Inese and Richard H. Driehaus rolled out the purple carpet for the “Eleventh Annual Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence.” Hardworking students got a chance to showcase their designs and compete for the “Driehaus Award for Fashion Excellence.” Among the young designers was Caroline Driehaus who also strutted the runway with two of her friends... Read more »

Aspen Fashions in the Mountains

As dozens of on-lookers shaded their eyes and looked to the skies, a courageous daredevil leaped from a helicopter high above majestic Aspen Mountain and floated down softly, landing on the street corner in front of Wagner Park, thus marking the beginning of Fashion Week in Aspen. Within seconds of his landing, a shiny black... Read more »