A Union Sushi Celebration: IOnTheScene's Launch Party

A terrific feeling came over me as I watched from the upper level of Union Sushi as friends old and new, acquaintances, sponsors, and an assortment of others flowed into this inviting establishment on a sunny, warm Sunday evening in celebration of IOnTheScene’s Launch Party.  The atmosphere was lively and amiable as these visitors mingled, took photos, and indulged in creative drinks and gourmet specialties offered by accommodating waiters and waitresses.

A significant event that took months to collaborate was unfolding virtually right in front of me as the pieces of this social puzzle
were slowly fitting together quite nicely.   A birds eye view re-assured me that this was about to become a fun event
with a lot of positive feelings flowing all around.  An official red carpet outside the entrance door with a security guard checking off names on a guest list added a touch of class.

Yes, IOnTheScene was making a solid, lasting impression on this curious crowd, some of whom were not fully acquainted with the
new brand and website.  Photos flashed consecutively on the red carpet indoors in front of the new, vibrant, red and white IOnTheScene banner, as numerous guests lined up with friends to capture the moment on film.

Occupying an entire restaurant on it’s day off to host a pleasing party for a collection of diverse people from all walks of life is quite a challenge, and the staff of IOnTheScene rose to this challenge and soared above it, as everyone at this entertaining Sunday celebration appeared to really enjoy themselves.  This absolutely was a special event, as this refreshing new social platform made its mark on this festive crowd.

Stay tuned for some exciting and intriguing media coverage of both local and national events; whether it’s a Broadway premier, the grand opening of Chicago’s new Langham Hotel, or even the Academy Awards!


Photos by Mitch Canoff & Helena Refeyan

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