Steve Maloney, Artist Extraordinaire

Combining fashion, artwork, and symbolism and developing it into a career is a very unlikely achievement, yet Steve Maloney has accomplished this quite convincingly as demonstrated by his newest artwork exhibit “Bronze Tie Collection.” Transcending decades of time (from the 1960’s to today’s era,) Steve has evolved from working in his family’s department store as a teenager to opening his own store to becoming a significant artist. Maloney recalls his early days in his very own retail store, when Ralph Lauren ties sporting bold colors and patterns caught his eye. Instinctively he added them to his inventory and quickly sold out of them.

Colors, patterns, and textures of neckties intrigue Maloney, sparking memories of yester – year when he could distinguish a lot about a person just by the tie he was wearing.

Personalities, sense of humor, even livelyhoods could possibly be revealed within the framework of a necktie. Bronze sculptures of this timeless fashion accessory have given Maloney a gateway of freedom to explore- shapes, motion, colors, etc. can now be fully discovered…

Virtually all of these ideas and a lifetime of observations have culminated into his astonishing latest production “Bronze Tie Collection.”

Congratulations Steve!!


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