Winter Solace

Weeks after the holidays have concluded and the hectic atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s has passed, I find myself searching for some sort of winter solace; a type of place or state of mind (real or imaginary) where the environment calms down, either in the external environment or internally.

But what initiates this soul searching ? Could it be the wind off the lake, scattered patches of ice, or memories of big snowstorms from decades ago ? And what is a person looking for to bring about this particular serenity ? A walk through the pines, a trip to the country, or maybe just a simple stroll across Olive Park in the snow…

Yet at times it seems so very necessary- like a much needed daydream come to life. But being in the city has its limitations and a short list of options. I guess a brief trip to Millennium Park to watch ice skaters might do the trick; but before you know it, it will be time for Valentine’s Day, warmer weather, the spring time, etc…

I guess I better find my place for winter solace while I still can and before the excitement of Super Bowl Sunday starts!


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