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Hollywood Visits Chicago

Chicago International Film Festival founder Michael Kutza and producer Tom Rosenburg had a lot to be proud of as the 48th annual Chicago International Fest kicked off last Thursday with Al Pacino in the spotlight (on the red carpet) outside the Harris Theatre to promote the new film “Stand Up Guys.” Thrilling, exciting, and glamorous are... Read more »

Success Breeds Success Schrager / Binn

Winning Hotel
Public Chicago was transformed into a virtual 1970’s disco last night, complete with everything (a party – goer could ask for) except John Travolta in a white leisure suit… The fabulous occasion was the one year anniversary of Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel (formerly the Ambassador East). The hotel innovator operated the famed Studio 54 from... Read more »

Autumn in the Air

Beautiful Autumn Days
As I look out over the spacious, enjoyable acres of Olive Park, I am gently reminded by Mother Nature that autumn is in the air; with a variety of reminders, visual and otherwise: Falling leaves, chirping birds, early sunsets, pumpkins, apple cider, etc. and city people migrating to Lake Geneva like geese or birds flying south... Read more »