"So That Others May See" - The Illinois Eye-Bank 'Extravaganza at Annabel's'

“Vision is the gateway to understanding …” a wise man once said, and that was no more apparent on Thurs. night (June 14th) when the beautiful Peninsula Hotel was transformed into a famous nightclub called Annabel’s, popular in London.  Founded in 1963 and named after the late Sir James Goldsmith’s wife Annabel, Annabel’s was a member – only nightclub that catered to aristocrats and Royals alike, including Princess Anne and the Prince of Wales, as well as President Nixon and Frank Sinatra. Renowned for its stellar reputation for catering to an exclusive clientele of royalty and celebrities, Annabel’s lived up to its reputation in extravagant style ….

Attended by over 220 of the city’s most upstanding and high profile contributors, this signature gala was the Illinois Eye-Bank’s 14th Anniversary.  To preserve and restore eyesight through transplantation, research, education, and partnership is the mission of the Eye-Bank and the beloved Beverly Blettner would certainly be proud to see how the foundation has grown, as her legacy lives on….

In the spotlight was Mamie Walton, honored as the 2012 Woman of the Year.  The Illinois Eye-Bank’s late friend and ambassador Beverly Blettner is credited with introducing Mamie to the Eye-Bank and since then, Mamie’s generosity and extraordinary efforts have become an unparalleled example of philanthropy.

As Medical Director of the Illinois Eye-Bank, Dr. Joel Sugar was also honored for his 25 years of unending devotion and dedication.  His research has led to tremendous progress in surgical treatment of corneal diseases.  In 2008 Dr. Sugar received a Lifetime Achievement Award and has been named one of America’s Best doctors every year since 1989.

Diane Hollingsworth, Executive Director remarked on how grateful she was for everyone’s support and their tireless efforts to continue this noble cause. Jean Antoniou presented Mamie with the Woman of Vision award and for a special treat Mamie sang to her audience a wonderful old tune “Time After Time.”

Master of Ceremonies was Bill Zwecker and the evenings entertainment was The Mark Olen Trio.  Kudos also go to MarCon Communications for their participation with the gala.

For more information on the Illinois Eye-Bank, click here.


All Photos Credit: John Reilly Photography

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    The principal target of utilizing a fitness bike is to raise your pulse. Heart rate is usually measured during a workout period. To gauge the ordinary value during and following exercise, you would first have to know the most heart rate.

  • Grosshopper

    Dishonest folks will benefit from this, as they always do. Your child doesn't need to take any sort of modeling classes whatsoever. Unlike earrings and body-wraps, you don't will need to convince prospective consumers they will need food.Therefore, the range of your job gets mundane and you're deprived of developing new abilities and receiving new projects to display your abilities. One of the techniques to stop gambling is in order to come across healthful replacements that will substitute for your gambling activities. Often it points to money difficulties and controlling relationships.

  • Trey and I must fly into New York, then fly to Bangor the next day, and drive a couple of hours. Know that if they are able to do it, you're able to too. Chasing losses is the quickest approach to the inadequate home.

    On college you'll be able to detect distinct lines at several sports Lucky Multi Bets books. Free fire rules of engagement is not going to address this matter only create more. To imply they suck would indicate they're among the worst teams in the league. This moment, however, there was actually something interesting regarding the game. You might not be fired the very first time you devote the full work day playing Farmville or perusing porn websites on the net.

  • Additionally, numbness can likewise be a warning sign of stroke. In most of the cases, it is experienced in limbs. The numbness may be the effect of the physical damage or of the inflammation it causes.

    Memory Repair Protocol

    Electrolyte imbalance is among the main causes of muscle spasms within the body. Sinus infections are largely caused on account of the typical cold. The signs may vary with the kind of nerves affected.

  • Grasshopper
    You would like the dog to understand that going outside is just for using the restroom. The form of work you do with pets will impact the sort of coverage you require, so make sure to speak with your agent about the services that you provide. The size of your deduction is based on the proportion of your house which is used for business.

  • Nolah Mattress

    Color is easily the most important facet of interior decoration. Colors play a significant role in regards to decorating your home with rustic theme. They are tightly associated with temperature, and that's exactly what you need to compare before making a final choice.

  • The best way to win the lottery isn't all about luck, like what a lot of Lottery Dominator Formula people believe. Pooling your money with a group of different folks will raise your opportunities winning. You should avoid playing numbers other folks play,'' she states.

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    The urine glucose test is another way of monitoring glucose levels within the body. It is generally resulting from defective pancreas that is accountable for producing the hormone insulin. Without enough effective insulin, your glucose levels can escape control.

  • Management Software

    However proficient is your organization development group or your sales group is, the company gains optimum appreciation when it's stabilized with all IT tools and software. If you employ a major testing business, you will be guaranteeing yourself access to objective, top quality testing. It's the sign of an excellent EHS management system which can reduce risks, which may potentially harm people and the surroundings.

  • Your skin regimen should incorporate a gentle soap that may draw Banish My Bumps out impurities together with an organic astringent. Dry skin will probably be somewhat sensitive, so excess exfoliation can be extremely harmful for this type of skin. Not using moisturizer is likely to make the top layer of the skin dry, but the oil will nonetheless be underneath and not able to breathe.

    There are a number of instances wherein the doctors require the blood immediately and can't afford to shell out time on checking the blood group of the individual in need. A number of these conditions can resolve independently, while others might call for medical intervention. When he has blood with rare antigens, there is no option other than finding the right match, if transfusion is needed.

  • Continue reading to ascertain which type you've got and the way to keep them. The same is true for hernias also. The absolute most renowned example may be PABA.

    The best method to understand your specific skin type and Banish My Bumps precisely what works optimal/optimally for you is to understand your dermatologist or somebody who specializes in skin. There are a couple easy measures to figure out your skin tone. It might take time to locate the most suitable fit, but I've yet to fulfill a face that we can't help.

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  • A true astrologer will be pleased to provide you with references. He or she will tell you about your planets.'' He or she will give you his or her contact information. Provillus The attorney is able to specify the circumstances and way an alternate lawyer is to act. Do NOT lose out on the court date. If you choose to retain an attorney, you don't need a high-priced one.In the meantime it is going to be fine. This agent accounts for acting according to the individual's wishes and in their very best interest. For instance, you might be an athlete.

  • They are usually full of impact rocks (impactites) in the shape of impact melt rocks, suevites and various types of breccias. As a guideline, older surfaces are exposed to impacting bodies (meteoroids, asteroids, and comets) for a lengthier time period than younger surfaces. This then implies that the large part of the elements were formed at the beginning instead of through a string supernovae explosions. These abrasions are occasionally called road rash.''

    Testosterone XL Food Guide

    And most important, I will reveal both stocks where the very first X just appeared just now. Actually, I've built a string of certain guarantees that will guard you. I will lay out each of my proof, so that you may decide for yourself. So there is in factn't much distinction is the way to do the job, there's just more of it. It is a repetitive approach. In truth, we always got the exact same answer.

  • It would be wise to record the noise and play it at a very low volume (desensitization). A good advantage with rats is they are extremely curious. You're able to make it simpler by utilizing different heights of sound separation.

    BarkBox It may take a little bit of time and a couple tries for your dog to have the hint, but should you keep enticing the dog, then they will find it and pick this up. If you're able to do this you've got excellent control over your dog. You wish to fit the dog so that they know you whenever you appear at the door for their very first walk.

  • It even goes past the overall volume of the whole equities in the U.S. together with future markets. Automated forex trading is distinguished by low profitability and a Set Forget Pattern Profit Review general inherent instability, which keeps it from getting more profitable. Because of the substantial size of Forex market, it's also extremely liquid.

  • It's important to have a health practitioner assess the reason for the memory loss. Impaired attention may be the consequence of brain damage. Memory loss comes in various heights of severity, and it may become a serious condition should youn't take appropriate action.

    The visual image TestMax Nutrition Reviews should be related to an extremely familiar object. While aging might include short-term memory loss, it's not normally a reason for the condition itself, and is deemed normal. Sometimes, loss of memory might also be credited to the surgery itself.

    Severe emotional stress may also handicap memory. These memories are set in the long-term memory storage on account of their significance or through rehearsal.

    As you get older, you might find that you've got memory lapses from time to time. Essentially, an individual has a short-term memory and long-term memory. The reply is short-term memory.

  • It's a drink that is enjoyed all around the world. The lemonade diet program, besides slimming down, Perfect Weight Forever Review is extremely useful to cleanse the body thoroughly. Therefore, if you do want to slim down, and drop some weight the most suitable way, start exercising regularly and eating ideal.

    Now if you're serious about losing weight you won't only begin drinking tea, but you'll also begin regularly exercising. Drinking water can also allow you to slim down in some other ways. Lifestyle and eating habits are primarily accountable for the issue of being overweight.

  • It is a real-world business with a lot of side issues which you'll have to take care of. This is a huge method to find out and about and find some fresh air which making more cash. Well, actually, that might only be a substantial waste of time. In the event of a crash call AISISTUR.

    Total Money Magnetism Taxi rates ought to be negotiated at the start of the trip. You may be waiting forever. And that's why I will begin a numerous of passive income streams. It's a wasted $5.00 in the event you need individuals interested in weight reduction and the providers list is to individuals who like to bake cakes.

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  • To remain in the very long haul, you are needed to take on aggressive advertising and marketing strategies. Baseline the present program step one in building a digital commerce advertising plan is to Learn Build Earn Review understand what you're selling, how you're selling it, who you wish to purchase it and what you aspire to reach. With a thorough comprehension of your intended audience, their requirements and online behaviors, you can start shaping a digital advertising and marketing strategy that will reach your business objectives.

  • This kind of marketing program provide you an opportunity to make money through commission for purchase of the item that's being made because of being guided from your website. It is crucial that you develop into a client of the merchandise or services your company offers. Internet affiliate marketing is the simplest approach to earn money since you can promote a wide-variety of merchandise.


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    The credit score bureaus is an organization, and just enjoy every company on the surface of the earth, it's objective is to generate a profit. Today's business business is changing rapidly and it's important to pick a credit score risk management company that supplies you with routine updates on the companies you're working with. See whether you can decide to pay the organization in person to guard yourself as much as possible.

  • If not correctly managed, your inventory can cause a substantial MacKeeper expense. You can boost your selection by ordering at Costco.com then in case you need to earn a return it's possible to go back to the native Costco. Obtaining collaterals such as the real brochures and posters are a lot simpler than getting the little display units.

  • Grasshopper

    Doing this will boost your chance of acquiring a harvest the initial calendar year. Actually, it ought to be tested periodically. To assist you begin on the most suitable track, here are five easy steps which you can use to direct you and get you started off proper in this enjoyable and satisfying pastime.This reading gives you a notion of how accurate your readings are. Some just depend on the book.

  • World Book

    The cooking recipes for Tuscan dishes are passed over generations and several of the dishes continue to be cooked in an identical fashion since they were cooked for centuries. By obeying the instructions the cooking recipe, you're going to be in a position to produce new dishes. Indeed, you own a choice and after you have learned what to search for in your nutritious cooking, you will at some point make it a habit to go for nutritious ingredients, healthful recipes and healthful procedures of cooking.

  • Insanity Workout

    The American Cancer Society does not endorse a single fruit or vegetable as a single that will lessen the chance of cancer cells within the body. Dogs have an extremely short digestive tract combined with a rather acidic stomach. Cancer can be avoided with the right diet plan and nutrition.

  • One not need physically stop by the doctor stores to locate these supplements. It's tempting to try 5G Male out the most well-known products if you prefer to slim down quick, especially herbal diet supplements for weight reduction. You don't require a supplement.

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    First of all, it gives manicure and pedicure treatments. The nail polish remover is going to have strong odor and could burn. Grooming your nails regularly and in the proper manner can help you to get powerful and healthful fingernails.

    Hair, Etc. is apparently a favorite name, though it might leave too much to the imagination. Persian cats need daily bruishing. Selling Antiques at Auction may be excellent resource when you have a massive assortment of smaller items or one real excellent item.

    There are plenty of great techniques to add art to your nails which don't need much art skill. The guideline is to pick the vegetables which you and your family enjoy eating. It isn't the close of the world!''

  • Grains are also decent for weight reduction. If you're on a really low-carb diet then you will want to prevent grains, as they are high in carbohydrates. These foods don't have any nutritional value whatsoever and will play havoc by means of your plan to reduce your weight and eliminate tummy fat.

    CLA Safflower Oil

    There are numerous healthier diet foods that dieters should think about adding to their healthful eating program, particularly if they need to make the most of their weight reduction. If you prefer a toned athletic body you require proper diet as a way to get there, exercise alone isn't enough. A whole diet should also incorporate a terrific in-meal snack.

  • The least expensive rate may not qualify as the best choice for the storage of your items. You've got many designs to pick from and lots of materials which are available to you. There are a number of different kinds of drawer combinations offered in beds together with many variations in quality.

    Brooklyn Bedding

    A futon may be the ideal addition to a home. The arrival of Canadian Northern Railway in 1910 was among the principal things that resulted in the rapid development of this city. Your very first priority whilst buying bed ought to be the comfortable factor after which follows everything else.

  • Liposomal Maca Review

    Dried raw root produces a fine liver-healthy tincture provided that there isn't any liver disease aggravated by alcohol. Even a little decrease in the sodium in your daily diet can decrease blood pressure by 2 to 8 millimeter Hg. Staying within a wholesome weight range may aid with bladder control.Dandelion root is notoriously hard to eradicate, despite the incentive of an elevated childhood allowance. This organic herb has dysgenic that is a creator of progesterone and a favorite treatment for PMS. When you switch to some other remedy, follow the aforementioned steps again.

  • The world wide web is that tool and I strongly suggest that you get started taking advantage of it at once. Another automated step of online promoting offering full time attention is the only step autoresponder. The very best internet advertising strategy accomplishes what the App Coiner Review function of the individual is.The net is an incredible resource. It is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Internet marketing for small company is a strong venture but even the start has to be appropriate.

  • The 2 Week Diet Review

    A mix of cardio and healthful eating will result in overall fat loss. While exercise may not be the trick to weight loss, it's important for wellness overall, particularly for mental wellbeing,'' Bellatti explained. Nutrition is key in regards to fat loss.Furthermore, the quantity of calorie burning is critical. There's no drink on the planet that could replace water in regards to either quenching thirst or losing weight faster. Let's kick things off with two or three little-known strategies on dieting for weight reduction.

  • Soothe Away Review

    It is dependent on where you wish to live. It is suggested to prevent any exhausting or weight-bearing activity that lasts longer than one hour during the initial 48 hours following your injection. It's generally gone in a couple of weeks, even though it can endure for a month or more.The focus of any chronic pain treatment program, however, must be to tackle the reason for pain and not only mask the symptom. You need to depend on several different pain relievers that are just band aid or immediate solution. Experiencing thumb pain whilst gripping something is not uncommon.

  • TestMax Nutrition Review

    It's a rich supply of saponins to treat impotence effectively. It's a sad actuality that chronic kidney failure can't be cured. The good thing is that numerous indicators of testosterone deficiency can be reversed by restoring youthful testosterone amounts in a number of unprocessed ways without needing to resort to injections.Build muscle and body building is the procedure of creating muscle fibers through a number of techniques. It merely provides you with the potential to get enough energy in your muscle fibers, as long as you have sufficient mental toughness, to receive an additional repetition in. Building muscle doesn't always have to mean you will appear ripped.

  • P90X3

    Muscles are made from protein. Dietary supplements are utilized to compensate for any known deficiency. Protein shakes are the sole supplements which help to build body because muscles consist of protein.Attempting to build muscle really isn't the perfect way to strengthen. You might also try those muscle building supplements which are available on the market to assist you build muscle when doing your training. Whenever you're doing a standard muscle building workout, you're going to be lifting heavyweights for brief repetitions.

  • Lottery Dominator Review

    So as to discover the right lottery software, make sure the site is credible enough. Utilizing this computer software provides you an instantaneous lottery frequency. Before settling on the very best lottery software for you, ensure you download a trial copy so that you may test it out to observe the way that it performs.Therefore, if you're in the market for a lottery program program, be quite careful. If you prefer lottery prediction computer software ideas, then continue reading this article. The lottery prediction software is utilized by different lottery players with the intention of winning the lottery prizes.

  • Brooklyn Bedding

    Therefore, an individual can confidently say that in regards to an event, theme is actually the king. It demonstrates that garden has to be specially furnished. You are even permitted to add a fountain in a number of rooms to make the ambiance you are searching for.Our goal here is to startle deer should they come in the garden, and whether or not it happens enough, prevent them from wanting to go into the garden in any respect. About what sort of meat you utilize for this dish, is dependent on where you're at, but the original recipe, which is from Semide, says you should utilize Goat. One thing which you'll surly need to have in your furnishings include fountains.

  • Green Smoothie Happiness

    On the opposite hand, there are a growing number of obese individuals around the world. During these stages a lot of people suffer from constipation on account of the deficiency of fiber and fruits. Getting overweight or obese may have an enormous emotional and mental toll on children.It's a condition that someone must attempt to avoid no matter what. In any event you should be provided a healthful eating plan which gives a balance of the proper type of foods. Better still, with a bit of planning, you may enjoy real food with variety and wellness choices.

  • Xpress Fat Loss Workout

    Given all such properties, such vegetables do a superb job in regulating blood glucose levels, and in addition, they encourage healthy weight reduction. The G.I diet is about Insulin and controlling glucose levels. The calorie intake is mostly limited based on the needs of your entire body and the necessity to shed weight or control blood glucose.You also need to maintain your blood glucose in check so as to halt the triglyceride levels from rising. It's important to eat normal snacks whenever you're breastfeeding since you need to continue to keep your blood glucose levels constant. Insulin is a hormone which helps in regulating the absorption of glucose, that is the preferred supply of energy for the human body's cells.

  • The Master's Hammer and Chisel Review

    The notion of the workout is to alternate between both workout choices that are given below. You must have a workout routine that's intended to permit you to earn progress at the gym. When you get accustomed to your workout it's possible to add on another moment.Attempt to keep stress-free as much as possible to acquire nutritious weight. The ideal bodybuilding workout is going to be complimented by means of a diet which is full of protein. Good bodybuilding nutrition is really somewhat well-known today, so I'll just supply you with the fast and dirty on how best to eat for lean muscle gains.

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