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Chicago Greek Media hosts party for the Greek Film Festival

GMC co-director Terry Poulos, filmmaker Niko Franghias (also the president of Greek Film Fest Chicago!), Dr. George Korkos, Ariana Savalas, filmmaker Valerie Gobos (also a board member of GFFC!), GMC co-director George Bliss, musician Tony Kidonakis
The all-new Greek Film Fest Chicago on August 11th was feted at a kickoff party held at “The Vertigo Sky Lounge” inside Dana Hotel with more than 300 in attendance. The event was organized by Chicago’s Greek Media Club, which co-hosted with Euro Circle Chicago, the Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois, and  The film fest... Read more »

Alhambra Palace

Heat and humidity hung in the air last Friday night as group after group exited their taxis at 1241 W. Randolph St. to see the Latin-inspired sounds of Johnny Bandolero performing live at the extravagant Alhambra Palace. “Palace” was no exaggeration, as upon entering this exotic establishment I was engulfed in its centuries-old inspired decor;... Read more »