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Share Your Soles, A Fairy Godmother story

Founder and executive director, Mona Purdy has done a tremendous job in establishing an organization that distributes millions of  pairs of shoes to disadvantage children and adults  all over the world.  Her “Share Your Soles” event was held at the beautiful Cultural Center in Chicago last weekend. Some of her prestigious endorsements include: President Obama,... Read more »

Chicago's Greek Media Spotlight Hilligoss Galleries

What a great way to do business.  Chicago’s Greek Media Club, a social networking group that hosts upscale events throughout Chicago’s downtown area as well as restaurants and clubs in nearby Greektown. On occasion the club will also hold  events  at our beautiful museums, studios and galleries. The last event was held at the Hilligoss Galleries... Read more »

Chicago's Divas

What a sizzling idea Chicago’s Sarah Vargo came up with! On the first Thursday of every month Sarah Vargo of Maven( teams ups with other successful women in business to honor the Divas of Chicago.  This month Maven teamed up with the Aparecio Foundation (   to celebrate the women in PR, Media, Fashion, Fitness,... Read more »

Sneak Peek of The White City

Broadway legend Ann Reinking hosted “The White City Winter Benefit” last night at the Cultural Center in Chicago. Melissa Thodos, founder of Thodos Dance Chicago was beaming from ear to ear. Matter of fact,  the entire hall of guest never stopped smiling. They were all having a blast. The evening was filled with excitement and... Read more »

Love was in the air at Paws Chicago Animal Magnetism

Love was in the air at Paws Chicago  Animal Magnetism
Love was in the Air at the 5th annual Animal Magnetism Event Since 1997 Paws Chicago has been doing an extraordinary  job at saving pets lives and heightening awareness around the world. As a no kill organization, Paws is committed to the life of ever pet with respect and dignity. Last nights event clearly stated... Read more »

Destination Sundance Film Festival

Destination Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival has become an incubator for many indie projects.  Some of these indie projects have become box-office successes.  Young aspiring filmmakers flock into Park City in hopes of having their film or documentary get noticed. Robert Redford who owned property in the Utah mountains named the organization after his character in “Butch Cassidy and... Read more »